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Industrial Storage: Is It Generic & Outdated?

Bisley Industrial Storage Ltd News and PR from Bisley Industrial Storage Ltd - Published 02 September 2015 The industrial storage market has long been a generic and complacent market with lengthy lead-times replicated through the various manufacturers and adopted by distributors as the market norm.
What was once a catalogue based industry has seen itself needing to evolve with the world wide web. However the markets ability to supply has remained stagnant whilst the ability to promote an industrial storage product has developed significantly.

In today’s competitive marketplace, ecommerce customers expect their orders to be fulfilled faster than ever given faster payment methods available to them. However few manufacturers have looked at developing new ways in which to meet the increasing and modern demand of the internet consumer. Unlike Bisley, few have tempted to improve on the traditional 20 working day lead-time.

An appropriate strategy to have when at the forefront of British manufacturing is to continuously improve upon modern production methods and combine with a developing digital infrastructure. Such methods have provided Bisley with the ability to meet the varied demands of its customers with a higher quality of product and with much shorter lead-times.

It’s More Than Just Industrial…

Industrial storage is a common term used for the generalization of steel storage within the generic industrial workplace. In a digital era where product repositioning can be done at little cost, companies should be making use of their digital infrastructure to tailor their products into specific industrial market segments.

Many businesses like Bisley have needed to better understand the requirements of their customer and the products that would best suit them. Ultimately this means moving away from a ‘one size fits all’ and adopting a more personalized approach to industrial storage. Automotive, education, aerospace and engineering companies are just some examples that all have specific requirements for a storage product within their industrial workplace.

The ToolStor Solution:

Bisley’s workshop storage products can be tailored to solve to your specific workplace requirements. We have spent the last few months tailoring our tool cabinets and cupboards to meet the specific project requirements of the aerospace and automotive industries whilst constantly improving on the industry norm lead times from 20 days to 10 or less.
Bisley’s workshop storage products can be tailored to solve to your specific workplace requirements

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