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Productivity Starts With The Storeroom

Bisley Industrial Storage Ltd News and PR from Bisley Industrial Storage Ltd - Published 02 September 2015 Tool room and stores departments can affect the whole business when your supply chain is inefficient or unorganized.
Knock-on effects can be felt right across the business from manufacturing through to delivery. Having an efficient, productive and profitable business firsts start with how you manage your inventory and the way you store it.

At times storerooms can waste time and money by reordering parts when there are several already in stock, due to incorrectly labeling or not stored in the right place. This can put pressure on production to complete a process in a shorter period of time in order to finish the task on the schedule date. The reduced production time in trying to complete the task can have an adverse effect on product quality and how the end user perceives the product. Those businesses that pride themselves in quality will often spend the necessary time in production but still deliver the product or task later than expected because of the delay in receiving necessary components. Ultimately your engineers are not engineering but rather chasing or waiting on parts to get the job done.

The success of organised inventory control comes from how your business stores its stock.

What is it? How should it be stored?

There are different storing solutions for your inventory, depending on what you are storing. Large components and boxes that are surplus to requirement until needed should be stored on industrial boltless shelving or pallet racking and only pulling down stock and placing it on the line as and when it is needed. Each container or box should be labeled with the correct storage code, thereby providing instant visual identification if stock needs to be drawn out.

Small parts and components that come from larger stock and used on the production line should be contained within Kan Ban shelving or plastic bin shelving. Those components that have a high value and are small should be placed within a louvre panel bin cupboards or bin shelving cupboards. These provide lockable storage and allow the specific component to be removed within their plastic bins. This also ensures accountability at the end of the working day if a bin is seen to be missing and the cupboard is assigned to a station or worker.

For heavier and more valuable inventory items, kitted workshop cupboards or industrial drawer cabinets provide the necessary drawer and shelf load capacity whilst also being able to make use of plastic box drawer dividers across the various drawer heights.

The ToolStor Solution

Bisley’s ToolStor products have been designed and built to suit a variety of toolroom and storeroom requirements in order to help business better manage their inventory. Call or email us today for more information or for our help with your industrial storage requirements.
The success of organised inventory control comes from how your business stores its stock

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