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Acoustic Louvre Door Systems by Sound Planning

Sound Planning Ltd News and PR from Sound Planning Ltd - Published 07 September 2012 Door System Providing Air Flow and Noise Reduction Requirements
Sound Planning has supplied and installed a plant room acoustic louvre door system providing the necessary noise reduction whilst maintaining sufficient air flow into the plant room.

Acoustic Louvres and Acoustic Louvre Doors facilitate air flow to air conditioning plant, chillers, condenser units, compressors, generators etc whilst reducing noise levels from 16 - 22 dB.

Acoustic Louvre Doors can be painted any standard BS or RAL colour.

Sound Planning can provide full dimensional CAD drawings with each system if required.

Sound Planning engineers discuss the requirements of each installation with the client, contractor, local planning authority/environmental health and the original equipment manufacturer if required.
Acoustic louvre doors which facilitate air flow and provide 16 - 22 dB noise reduction.

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