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Acoustic Enclosures by Sound Planning

Sound Planning Ltd News and PR from Sound Planning Ltd - Published 06 September 2012 Daikin Twin Fan (x2) Air Source Heat Pump Acoustic Enclosure
Sound Planning has installed an acoustic enclosure around 2 twin fan Daikin air source heat pumps achieving in excess of 20 dB(A) noise reduction (insertion loss) in a highly noise sensitive area of West London.

Sound Planning teamed up with the air conditioning contractor and liaised with the local planning authority (LPA) in order to maintain adequate air flow whilst achieving the noise reduction target at the nearest noise sensitive receivers.

Sound Planning enclosures can be painted to any BS or RAL colour.

Sound Planning visits sites, provides CAD drawings of feasible enclosure solutions and installs within a 3 to 4 week period.
High Performance Acoustic Enclosure achieves in excess of 20 dB noise reduction for twin fan air source heat pumps.

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