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Sound Proof Enclosures / Noise Enclosures / Acoustic Louvre Doors

Sound Planning is a team of noise consultants and acoustic engineers; providing noise monitoring assessments, noise consultancy services, Soundproof Enclosures, Noise Enclosures, Acoustic Louvres Doors and acoustic engineering solutions to control noise problems.

Our noise enclosure consultants have two areas of expertise:

...1. Noise control product design, supply and installation

...2. Acoustic reports for Local Planning Authorities (LPA’s)

Noise Control Products

Bespoke noise control product design projects have a specific acoustic engineer assigned to conduct noise measurements and/or noise calculations; acoustic engineers develop and design suitable noise control products e.g. noise enclosures, sound proof enclosures, acoustic Louvre doors etc. which will mitigate the noise level down to acceptable levels in accordance with the client or LPA.

Acoustic Enclosures:
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Sound Planning design, supply and install acoustic enclosures, noise enclosures, acoustic enclosure systems and sound proof enclosures.

Acoustic enclosures are used to reduce air conditioning external condenser noise; generator noise, air source heat pump noise; Chiller noise; water pump noise; fan noise etc.

Acoustic enclosures comprise of acoustic Louvres and/or attenuators to facilitate airflow requirements and acoustic panels for greater sound reduction.

Acoustic Louvres:
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Sound Planning design, supply and install acoustic Louvres (acoustic louvers) and acoustic Louvre door systems.

Acoustic Louvres are commonly used in building service openings and for composite acoustic enclosures facilitating sufficient airflow whilst reducing unwanted noise.

Sound Planning’s acoustic Louvres have been performance tested (sound reduction 63Hz to 8kHz) at Salford University’s UKAS accredited test laboratories. The performance figures for each Louvre type are available on application.

Acoustic Consultancy Services

Each planning project has a designated noise consultant who will liaise with the local planning authority (LPA), be responsible for on-site noise assessments (noise monitoring) and issue a comprehensive acoustic report to the LPA.

Noise Assessment and Acoustic Design
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Sound Planning evaluates existing noise climates for proposed dwellings in areas where noise is a concern (road, rail, air or industrial)

All measurements are carried out with Type 1 UKAS calibrated sound level meters in accordance with BS 7445: 2003.

Sound insulation schemes e.g. Glazing, Ventilation etc. are based on the predicted internal noise level calculations in accordance with BS 8233: 2014.

Each assessment is accompanied with a full acoustic report to assist the planning application process.

Industrial Noise Assessment
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Sound Planning conducts industrial noise assessments in accordance with British Standard 4142: 1997 – Rating industrial noise affecting mixed residential and industrial areas.

Typical projects:

• Air Conditioning Noise (external condensers)
• Kitchen Extraction Noise
• Chiller Noise
• Fan Noise
• Generator Noise
• Workshop Noise
• Duct Noise
• Construction Noise (BS 5228)

Other Noise Assessments
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Sound Planning is also involved in a number of additional types of noise testing and noise investigation:

• Noise Testing
• Entertainment Noise
• Noise at Work
• Railway Vibration
• Wind Farm Noise (ETSU-R-97)
• Environmental Noise
• Leisure Noise
• Motorsport Noise

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