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Meypack PackPal PP200R

Penn Packaging Limited News and PR from Penn Packaging Limited - Published 05 June 2015 The Meypack pp 200 layer Palletiser is an extremely compact machine that is often used when the space available is insufficient to accommodate a classic palletiser.
However, its compact size is not all that it has. The PackPal PP 200 from Meypack is equipped with a double pre-grouping station. This enables highly flexible and gentle creation of layers.

With the introduction of this new palletising machine available in two output categories,
Meypack has expanded its machine programme to include a new highly efficient and flexible solution. Despite its compact design the PackPal is capable of processing all of the common pallet formats. Furthermore, it is possible to easily integrate intermediate layer or cover sheet dispensers.

What’s special about the PP 200 are its two gripper arms, each of which is comprised of a triple axle servo-controlled positioning unit and can place the products in any position desired. Both gripper arms can be positioned either next to each other or also one behind the other. In contrast to the PP 100, which only has one gripper arm, the intermediate table can be filled from both the left and right sides. Each gripper arm fills one half of the layer.

By using the PP 200’s double pre-grouping station, both gripper arms can easily pick up the incoming packs and process them much more quickly. For this reason, an output of up
to 60 packs per minute can be achieved with this machine. When multipacks are to be palletised, the output can be cranked up significantly by processing a number of packs simultaneously – depending upon the layer profile.

Through the interaction of the intelligent gentle layer building and the telescopic lifting table, a palletising output of up to six layers can be achieved in the case of single lane infeed at an infeed level of + 1000 mm.
The PackPal can be used as an independent palletising machine or in combination with a packaging machine from the VP, SW and FW Series.
both gripper arms can easily pick up the incoming packs and process them much more quickly

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