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    Penn Packaging Limited

    PENN Packaging are specialists in the supply of primary and secondary packaging equipment to the food, beverage, personal care and household markets.

    As partners to some of Europe’s leading packaging equipment producers PENN Packaging are able to offer a wide range of machinery and packaging solutions to meet the demands of the ever changing production environment.

    These solutions can either be offered as single units or part of a turnkey installation but whatever your requirements, our approach is always the same “To deliver the highest quality packaging solution to the highest standards”.

    Case and Tray

    VP450 Series Case/Tray Packers, VP452/VP453 Tray and Lid Packers, VP500 Series Case/Tray Packer, VP511/21/31 High Speed Case/Tray Packers.

    PENN Packaging offers a range of solutions to meet the requirements for all of your case and tray packaging in the form of the Meypack case packers of the VP Series which are available as intermittent (cycled) or continuous motion machines.

    As with all models of the Meypack range of machinery they offer open design to provide optimal accessibility to allow simple operation, fast format changeovers and efficient cleaning and maintenance work.

    Shrink Wrapping Machines

    Double Film Reel Shrink Wrapping, Single Roll Shrink Wrapper, High Speed Shrink Wrapping.

    The SW Series range of shrink wrappers from Meypack are available in both single roll and double roll formats.

    They can be operated at speeds of up to 100 cycles per minute with fast product format changeovers and offer two and three lane possibilities.

    Palletisers and De-palletisers

    Low Level Infeed Palletisers, High Level Infeed Palletisers and De-palletisers.

    The Meypack palletisers of the PK Series are layer palletisers that are designed to palletise products such as trays, cases or shrink wrapped packs and are also available with both low level infeed and high level infeed including the stack lift.

    Pouch Packing Systems

    SN-German Pouch-Pack Technology

    SN is the ideal partner for efficient and economical pouch packaging in areas such as food, beverages, seeds, cosmetics, pet food, household products and pharmaceuticals. SN utilise a range of dosing and filling systems and rotary machines to form, fill and seal.

    For more information about the range of Pouch Packing Systems from SN along with information about Penn Packaging please visit our website.

    Penn Packaging machinery overview

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    Products and Services

    1. Automated Packaging Machines
    2. Automated Packaging Systems
    3. Automatic Packaging Machinery
    4. Automatic Packaging Machines
    5. Automatic Packing Machines
    6. Automatic Pallet Wrapper
    7. Automatic Pallet Wrapping
    8. Bag Closing
    9. Bag Closing Machines
    10. Bottle Case Packing
    11. Bottle Collar Tag Applicators
    12. Bottle Neck Tag Applicators
    13. Box Packing
    14. Bundle Stretch-Wrapping
    15. Carry Handle Applicating Systems
    16. Cartoning Case Packing
    17. Case Erectors
    18. Case Loading Machines
    19. Case Packers
    20. Case Packing
    21. Case Sealing Systems
    22. Case Wraparound Machinery
    23. Cheese Packaging Machines
    24. Conveyor Manufacturers
    25. Conveyors
    26. De-Palletisers
    27. Depalletisers
    28. Depalletising Equipment
    29. End Of Line Packaging Machinery
    30. Food Conveyors
    31. Food Packaging Machinery
    32. Food Packaging Machines
    33. Food Packing
    34. Form Fill
    35. Form Fill And Seal
    36. Form Fill And Seal Machine
    37. Form Fill Seal
    38. Form Fill Seal Machine
    39. Form Fill Seal Machine Manufacturers
    40. Form Fill Seal Machinery
    41. Form Fill Seal Machines
    42. Form Fill Seal Packaging
    43. Form Fill Seal Packaging Machine
    44. Form Fill Seal Packaging Machinery
    45. Heat Sealing Machine
    46. Heat Shrink
    47. Heat Shrink Sleeving
    48. Horizontal Packing Machines
    49. Industrial Palletising
    50. Leaflet Feeding
    51. Leaflet Insertion
    52. Lid De-Nesting Systems
    53. Material Handling
    54. Materials Handling
    55. Mechanical Handling Equipment
    56. New Packaging Machinery
    57. Packaging
    58. Packaging Boxes
    59. Packaging Machine
    60. Packaging Machinery
    61. Packaging Machinery Manufacturers
    62. Packaging Machinery Supplier
    63. Packaging Machinery Suppliers
    64. Packaging Machines
    65. Packaging Materials
    66. Packaging Pouches
    67. Packing Equipment
    68. Pallet Shrink Wrap Machine
    69. Pallet Stretch Wrapping
    70. Pallet Stretch Wrapping Machines
    71. Pallet Wrap Machine
    72. Pallet Wrapper
    73. Pallet Wrappers
    74. Pallet Wrapping
    75. Pallet Wrapping Machine
    76. Pallet Wrapping Machines
    77. Palletiser Machines
    78. Palletisers
    79. Palletising
    80. Palletising Equipment
    81. Palletising Systems
    82. Pouch Makers
    83. Pouch Making Machinery
    84. Pouch Packing Systems
    85. Printed Stand Up Pouches
    86. Robotic Automation Systems
    87. Robotic Handling Systems
    88. Robotics
    89. Sealing Machine
    90. Sealing Systems
    91. Shrink Sleeving Systems
    92. Shrink Tunnels
    93. Shrink Wrap Machine
    94. Shrink Wrap Machinery
    95. Shrink Wrap Machines
    96. Shrink Wrap Machines For Sale
    97. Shrink Wrap Packaging Machinery
    98. Shrink Wrapper
    99. Shrink Wrappers
    100. Shrink Wrapping
    101. Shrink Wrapping Equipment
    102. Shrink Wrapping Machine
    103. Shrink Wrapping Machinery
    104. Shrink Wrapping Machines
    105. Shrink Wrapping Packing
    106. Shrink Wrapping Systems
    107. Shrink-Wrapping Systems
    108. Shrinkwrapping Machines
    109. Stand Up Pouches
    110. Strapping Machine
    111. Stretch Film Wrap
    112. Stretch Sleeving Systems
    113. Stretch Wrap Machine
    114. Stretch Wrapper
    115. Stretch Wrapping
    116. Stretch Wrapping Bundling Systems
    117. Stretch Wrapping Machine
    118. Stretch Wrapping Packaging Machinery
    119. Stretch-Wrapping
    120. Tamper Evident Sleeving Systems
    121. Tray De-Nesting Systems
    122. Tray Erecting
    123. Tray Erecting & Loading Machinery
    124. Tray Erecting Machines
    125. Tray Erector
    126. Tray Erectors
    127. Tray Loaders
    128. Tray Packers
    129. Tray Shrink Packers
    130. Tray-Shrink Packers
    131. Tray-Shrink Packing Systems
    132. Vertical Packing Machines
    133. Wrap-Around Case
    134. Wrap-Around Case Packers
    135. Wrapping Machine
    136. Wrapping Machines

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