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For Sale : International Ultra High Added-Value British Hosiery/Knitwear Co.

Turner Butler News and PR from Turner Butler - Published 10 April 2024 International Ultra High Added-Value British Hosiery/Knitwear Brand and Manufacturer Ref No: AB249 Location: Wales Asking price: O.I.R.O. £2,000,000 Inc. Net Assets
Business Profile:

This enduring business & brand name was founded in the late 19th Century as a low volume hosiery manufacturer and has had a typically British history, including changing company ownership, international success, brand extensions and popularity among premium, niche customers around the world, the company holds a Royal Warrant and it is now considered part of the UK’s manufacturing heritage.

The business has a remarkably stable trading history with demand challenging supply on an almost constant basis, making the business a perfect platform to introduce new products and new sales channels.
Much has been done by the current owners to consolidate a reliable & sustainable UK small manufacturer & retailer of hosiery and knitwear; it is perfectly positioned for growth

The business was founded approximately 130 years ago as a specialised manufacturer of hosiery and has remained committed to the highest quality of product in cashmere, wool and cotton for its entire history. Descendants of the founder are still be found in the offices of the company, ensuring that the company’s legacy for quality & variety stays relevant within what is a modern, high volume, highly competitive, fashion retail market.

In the long period of trading that the company has enjoyed, it has acquired and retains commercial customers that would be instantly recognisable as high added-value, high street retailers, seen in almost every capital city in the world and individual customers that would be equally recognisable.

In relatively recent times, the decision was made to extend the company’s product portfolio to include knitwear both bespoke and ready-to-wear, bringing the company’s established reputation as a UK manufacturer of the best quality to jumpers, cardigans, shawls etc. and with considerable success.

The business is managed on a day to day basis by joint Managing Directors where one manager has responsibility for sales and client account management and the other responsible for day to day operations including factory, people, supply chain and logistics.

There are two operational facets to the business, the first being white label manufacturing for commercial customers that include famous high street, high margin brands and the second being the retailing of the product portfolio under the company’s own brand.

The company owns and operates its factory in Wales as it has done for a great many years, relying upon a trusted and skilled workforce of 57 x working across all disciplines necessary for the efficient running of a busy factory.

The company manufactures all its products in-house and these include:
¬ē Socks
¬ē Jumpers
¬ē Shawls
¬ē Ponchos
¬ē Accessories including hats &scarves

Critically the brand is responsible for maintaining goodwill, driving referrals, repeat custom and other sales.

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