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Everlube Products & Coating Services

Curtiss-Wright Surface Technologies News and PR from Curtiss-Wright Surface Technologies - Published 05 August 2020 Protection & life extension of your critical components throughout any crisis!

- Thermal Spray & HVOF Coatings
- Dry film lubricants - MoS2, PTFE, Graphite, WS2
- Coatings for corrosion, chemical & environmental protection
- Titanium anodising
- Zinc rich coatings for corrosion protection
- Impingment coating processes for ultra thin solid film lubricants
- Nonstick/release coatings for low coefficients of friction
- Primers for rubber and plastics for sound absorbing and dampening materials
- High temperature resistant coatings
- Rare earth magnet coatings
- Coatings for EMI/RFI shielding provide highly conductive coatings and platings to control electromagnetic interference
- Ultra thin conformal parylene coating to reduce friction and protect against contamination
- Pre-treatments including Ti Anodising, Phosphate Conversion Coating and Chilled Iron Blasting, Aluminum Oxide Blasting and Vapour Degreasing
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