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Sale Items Now Live

TrolleysandBaskets.co.uk News and PR from TrolleysandBaskets.co.uk - Published 07 July 2020 We have added new products to our sale that you wont want to miss out on...
We have both wire and plastic baskets included in our sale; they are selling fast so make an order before it is too late! Included in this sale we also have stack nest crates in 2 sizes available. These are great for online orders as they can hold processing orders and stock. They are also used in supermarkets for holding the fruit and vegetables in on the shop floor.

There are a couple other products you may be interested in so head over to our website to browse more www.trolleysandbaskets.co.uk

If you have any questions please contact us on 01235 850368 or [email protected]
New products added to the sale that are selling out fast!

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