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Trolleys and baskets Twitter is active once again!

TrolleysandBaskets.co.uk News and PR from TrolleysandBaskets.co.uk - Published 27 February 2020 We joined Twitter in 2014 and very rarely used it, this year we have decided it is time to make a return.
Trolleys and baskets have had Twitter for quite some time now but it has never been used properly.

When we first joined Twitter back in 2014 it was quite different in the sense that small, online businesses didn't really have a strong presence but now Twitter is for anyone and everyone.

We hope that with support of our customers we can grow on this platform and reach out to old, new and current customers.

It would be great to meet new people via our Twitter account so be sure to follow @TrolleysBaskets

We will be posting any sales we have, business updates and retail trends.

See you there!
Trolleys and baskets return to Twitter

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