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HEPA filter & UVC? Or a choice of one or the other?

Puravent News and PR from Puravent - Published 16 June 2020 The Covid-19 pandemic has thrown attention onto the purity of supply air. We discuss the topical choice between HEPA filter & UVC to purify supply air?
The Covid-19 peak appears to have passed and whilst there may be subsequent outbreaks we are encouraged to return to work and to reopen the economy. This has prompted employers across the country to investigate measures to make the work places safer. The purity of the air circulating around building ventilation systems and delivered into occupied spaces is now understood to be an important aspect of workplaces safety. Here we take a closer look at the choice between retrofitting HEPA filter and UVC to building ventilation systems, or to use one of the other of the technologies to ensure that air supplied into occupied spaces is safer.

In choosing between HEPA filter & UVC in the quest to make buildings safer from Covid-19 it is worth firstly understanding how effective how effective the existing filters in a system are against the virus.

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