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Air Curtain Applications

Puravent News and PR from Puravent - Published 08 January 2020 An air curtain is a continuous stream of air blown across a doorway giving - Heat loss prevention in winter; Heat gain prevention in summer; Exclusion of fumes, dust, flying insects, odours, smoke.
Although air curtains at the entrance to shops and public places are the most visible and well-known application to the General Public, there are many and varied Air Curtain Applications.
The purpose of the air curtain is simply to provide a barrier between 2 environments. At its simplest the barrier is between indoors and outdoors but may also separate two environments within a single building - e.g. A Coldstore within a Warehouse.

An Air Curtain may achieve any or all of the following:-
· Heat loss prevention / energy savings - During winter months this will prevent heat loss from the heated internal side of the barrier to the external environment.
· Heat gain prevention / energy savings - During summer months this will prevent heat gain from the external environment to the internal, air-conditioned side.
· Internal environment control - Prevention of ingress of car fumes, airborne dust, flying insects, noxious odours, cigarette smoke and other pollutants to the controlled commercial, domestic or industrial environment.
Heated Air Curtain Applications may be split into 3 categories - Electrically Heated, Hot Water Heated and Gas Heated. All types are available across the whole range of industrial / commercial / domestic applications with capacities ranging from under 5kW of heating power to over 100kW. They are available in horizontally mounted or vertically mounted formats and suitable for doorways ranging from 2m in height to 6m or more. The larger sizes are available equipped for either standard hot water feed or high-temperature hot water feed making available very high heat outputs.
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Puravent offer a full range of Ambient or Heated; Horizontal or Vertical Air Curtains for appertures 2.5m to 6m high / wide.

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