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Venting? Helapet have the solution

Helapet Ltd News and PR from Helapet Ltd - Published 07 April 2020 Choose from our range of bacteria-retentive vented needles and spikes.
When it comes to the producing sterile preparations, we understand that the choice of compounding device is not all that straight forward. Vial type and size, viscosity of the medication and chemical compatibility are a few things to consider when selecting the right device for the job.

Helapet is your one-source-stop for vented admixture solutions within aseptic units, cleanrooms and other controlled environments. Our broad line of cannula and needle-free products caters for different preferences required for the sterile aspiration and manipulation of complex medications including cytotoxics.

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Helapet's vented needle range are designed to help ensure the maximum extracted dose from small to larger capacity vials

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