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    Helapet Ltd

    UK Distributor and Manufacturer of Cleanroom Consumables & Instrumentation Disc Filters

    Helapet are leading suppliers of Cleanroom consumables for Pharmacy Technical Services, Pharmaceutical Production, Laboratory Cleanrooms and Universities providing quality contamination control solutions in critical environments.

    Sterile Medical and Cleanroom Consumables

    Our specialty consumables include syringes, sterile transfer devices, sterile cleanroom disinfectants and cleanroom apparel offering top to toe protection for controlled aseptic working areas. Our specialist glove ranges include latex free and validated gloves for handling cytotoxics giving customers quality and choice for specific applications.

    Using our PharmaPack bulk packed sterile Syringes in high volume aseptic manufacturing units not only offers economic advantage, but the convenience and cost savings of reduced packaging waste. All sizes of luer lock syringes are now available in packs of 5, 10, 25 and 50 syringes per pack conveniently bulk packaged for efficient working practice.

    Medical and Cleanroom Apparel

    Our ranges of specialist cytotoxic resistant cleanroom apparel include gowns, suits, gloves, armlets and facial protection, suitable for use in healthcare, pharmaceutical laboratory cleanrooms.

    Our splash resistant Berner armlets and gowns protect personnel whilst handling or administering cytotoxic preparations and are in line with EU PPE guidelines. Permeation breakthrough data is available for a range of the most commonly used cytotoxic agents.

    Suits, oversleeves, overshoes and facemasks can be supplied either sterile or non-sterile in lint free materials to avoid particle contamination in Cleanroom environments.

    UK Berner Distributor

    As the sole UK distributor of Berner single-use disposables for protection against cytotoxics, Helapet offer the very best in gloves, armlets, work mats and spill kits.

    Whenever cytotoxics are produced, handled or administered there is the risk of spillage and a suitable spill kit should be on hand to safely clean up and decontaminate the area, protecting personnel and avoiding cross contamination.

    Helapet offer a selection of cytotoxic spill kits ranging from Home Spill Kits for patients or staff administering cytotoxics away from the hospital environment, to the Berner Spill Kit XP that is fully compliant with the latest European PPE guidelines for handling cytotoxics. The standard Berner Spill Kit for liquid spills is now available completely latex free with the option of choosing a larger glove and gown if required.

    Berner remains the glove of choice for those handling cytotoxics within an aseptic environment and the new upgrade to poly packaging enables them to be used in paper free environments. Berner gloves are CE marked and aseptically presented in a clean peel pouch printed with lot number and expiry date and the poly pouches can be liberally sprayed with alcohol for aseptic transfer.

    The gloves fully comply with European PPE category III, EN374 chemical and bacteriological and EN388 mechanical standards. Full breakthrough data for a range of cytotoxics including carmustine, cisplastin and methotrexate together with other technical support information is available on request.

    The quality of Berner products makes them the ideal partner for hospital pharmacy units and the pharmaceutical industry when working with cytotoxic solutions.

    Specialist Bags and Packaging

    Specialist packaging solutions are supplied for the manufacture and transport of pharmaceuticals, reducing risks with clear labelling choices for light sensitive medications, cytotoxics and cold chain products.

    Cytotoxic medications need to be securely transported to the patient, maintaining asepsis and clearly labelled to avoid errors.

    Chemo-Trans-Waste bags offer a secure solution for both transport and waste. Manufactured from strong clear polythene for content visibility, the bags are printed on one side in yellow with hazard labelling and purple stripe and a convenient write on panel, all fully compliant with current best practice guidelines (DoH 'Health Technical Memorandum 07:01 safe management of healthcare waste').

    Sterile bags can be taken inside your isolator to collect the non-sharps waste generated whilst making up chemotherapy drugs. The bags can be sealed using the tamper evident strip and disposed of as cytotoxic waste, in line with hospital protocols.

    Stericlean Sterile Disinfectants

    Alcohols remain the disinfection of choice for aseptic transfer and when used in combination with SteriClean wipes, it ensures good cleaning practice can be maintained. Using the SteriClean range of alcohols, biocides and neutral detergent, a good rotational cleaning and disinfection practice can be employed for cabinets and surfaces in Cleanroom environments.

    Alcohols should be used to remove the build-up of sticky residues which can make floors look dirty and cause foaming and slippery surfaces.

    All of our sterile spray systems use a non-venting trigger and bag in a bottle closed system, ensuring the sterility of the contents throughout use and independent validation data has demonstrated that the sprays remain sterile for up to three months from opening.

    Custom Manufactured Inline Instrumentation Filters

    Filtration is used across a wide variety of industries protecting both equipment and personnel. Helapet serve primarily the medical, printing, laboratory, gas, and air markets, providing both standard and custom made filter devices.

    Our custom filter devices offer customers a solution that is designed around the application ensuring greater performance; we can enhance your filter performance by selecting components from one of the widest choices of media and connectors on the market.

    Our filters can be used for pressure meters, machine air intake, autoclaves, medical gas, syringe, back flushing, powder management, last chance, low volume venting, gas, and solvent filtration.

    We are happy to supply small volumes to your specification at competitive prices with fast turnaround times for both samples and production. Our sizes include 24mm, 25mm, and 50mm discs, specially moulded to ensure quality and high filtration area.

    Our in house testing facilities include results for air flow, housing integrity, bubble point, porosity, Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC) removal and bacterial challenge tests.

    As an OEM provider our tampo printing technology allows us to incorporate your logo onto the printing of the filter housing, offering brand marketing opportunities that produce customer loyalty. In addition to this we can produce coloured polypropylene housing adding a modern look to your products.

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    Products and Services

    1. 3 Ply Face Masks
    2. Absorbant Workmats
    3. Alcohol Sprays
    4. Ampoule Breakers
    5. Armlets
    6. Aspirators
    7. Autoclave Inline Disc Filters
    8. Beard Masks
    9. Berner Cytotoxic Gowns
    10. Biocide And Detergent Sprays
    11. Camera Bags
    12. Caps
    13. Chemical Spill Products
    14. Chemo Bags
    15. Clean Room Clothing
    16. Cleaning And Disinfection
    17. Cleaning Validation Kit
    18. Cleaning Validation Kits
    19. Cleanroom Consumables
    20. Cleanroom Gloves
    21. Cleanroom Paper
    22. Clear Bags
    23. Clinical Spillages
    24. Clinical Waste
    25. CO2 Incubator Inline Disc Filters
    26. Cold Chain Solutions
    27. Cold Chain Transport Systems
    28. Custom Inline Disc Filters
    29. Cytotoxic Administration Pack
    30. Dry Wipes
    31. Dual Filtration Devices
    32. Eye Dropper Bottle
    33. Eye Protection
    34. Facemasks
    35. Filter Devices
    36. Filter Needles
    37. Filtration Devices
    38. Gas Analyser Inline Disc Filters
    39. Gloves
    40. Gowns For Cytotoxic Protection
    41. Hospital Decontamination
    42. Hysteroscopy Filters
    43. Impregnated Wipes
    44. Ink-Jet Inline Disc Filters
    45. Isolator Waste Bags
    46. Lab Coats
    47. Labelled Bags
    48. Light Inhibiting Bags
    49. Luer Lock Connectors
    50. Medical Devices
    51. Needle-Free Devices
    52. Operating Theatre Products
    53. Overboots
    54. Overshoes
    55. Oversleeves
    56. Personal Protective Equipment
    57. Pharmacy Dry Wipes
    58. Pharmacy Pens
    59. Pharmacy Prep Trays
    60. PharmaPack® Syringes
    61. Pipette Controller Inline Disc Filters
    62. Polypropylene Containment Socks
    63. Polypropylene Pillows
    64. Polywipes
    65. PPE
    66. Pre-Filled Syringe Transporters
    67. Protective Footwear
    68. Protective Suits
    69. Sigmoid Filters
    70. Skin Marker Pens
    71. Specialist Bags
    72. Specialist Packaging
    73. Spill Kits
    74. Spillkits
    75. Sterile Chemo
    76. Sterile Sharps Bins
    77. Swabs
    78. Syringe Caps
    79. Syringe Filters
    80. Syringe Transporters
    81. Syringe Venting Devices
    82. Syringes
    83. Tamper Evident Bags
    84. Temperature Breach Indicators
    85. Tissue Sheets
    86. Transfer Devices
    87. Vacuum Pump Inline Disc Filters
    88. Venting Devices
    89. Veterinary Cyto Procedure Pack
    90. Veterinary Procedure Packs
    91. Veterinary Supplies
    92. Vial Adapters
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