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Keep The Noise Down With Acoustic Panels

Sound Zero News and PR from Sound Zero - Published 06 February 2020 With our acoustic panel solutions, customers and employees will have much greater speech intelligibility and overall better experience. Find out more here.
We’ve been blogging about the acoustic benefits of acoustic panels and how they can improve employee and customer experience.
Have you ever been to a restaurant or bar and found that you can’t hear your friends and loved ones clearly? In fact, background noise in some eateries can reach the level of a lawnmower or motorbike.
Poor speech intelligibility can dramatically impact on a customer’s experience, regardless of whether they’re in a shop, restaurant or bar. These types of experiences can quickly tarnish your brand, and before you know it, you’ll be hearing comments like,
“Great food; shame about the noise”
You don’t need us to tell you that good customer experience involves a holistic approach. It’s not just about great food and drink. In fact, we’d argue that spending time with friends and family is the main reason people choose to frequent such establishments.
Keeping The Noise Down Without Keeping The Noise Down
This takes me back to my school days. You’d be in the library, and the moment you opened your mouth to talk to your friend, there’d be a dowdy, middle-aged librarian telling you to be quiet.
No one wants that in their public establishment.
So how can we control noise, improve speech intelligibility and improve customer satisfaction without employing a scary busy body?
The answer is acoustic panels.

Acoustic Panels Help Speech Intelligibility
Luckily, there is a solution that allows customers to enjoy socialising without constantly straining to hear their friends across the table.
Acoustic panels are absorption products that help to control noise, eliminate echo and control comb filtering in a room.
In many cases, acoustic panels can enhance the properties of sound by improving sound quality. To read more about what acoustic panels are and why they’re effective, click here.

How Do Acoustic Panels Work?
Our team will work closely to identify reflection points in a room. Once this has been established, we will provide a solution that directly addresses your area of concern.
As an acoustician, it’s vitally important that reflection points are firstly established so that the correct solution can be applied. Here at Sound Zero, we don’t just cover your walls in foam. It takes a much more methodical and scientific approach to achieve maximum results.

The Acoustic Power Of Foam
The absorption properties of foam mean that it completely absorbs frequencies on the surface, so you get a resonance happening inside the cavity.
Therefore, above the cavity, you get the noise cancellation.
By correctly identifying where the sound is being reflected, you can ‘localise’ the noise, ensuring people aren’t distracted by others’ chit-chat.

How Many Acoustic Panels Do You Need To Achieve Good Results?
What makes acoustic panels so popular is that you don’t need many of them to benefit from their effectiveness. So, let us dispel the myth that acoustic treatment means covering your walls with obtrusive acoustic foam.
We’ve been blogging about the acoustic benefits of acoustic panels and how they can improve employee and customer experience.

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