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Environmentally friendly classroom acoustics

Sound Zero News and PR from Sound Zero - Published 03 February 2021 Noisy classrooms are known to significantly impact children’s learning and creativity at school, especially for children with special educational needs.
It's crucial for school governors and architects to create an enhanced classroom, whether for a new building or refurbishment project, through the use of school acoustic design.

Improving poor classroom conditions, such as high reverberation times and inadequate soundproofing solutions, can give students and teachers a more comfortable and effective environment for learning and teaching.

In this post, we explore why eco-friendly acoustic treatments are the best option for your school project. Reassessing how we use materials, and improving recycling efforts, means we can deliver high levels of acoustic comfort, whilst being sustainable and considerate of our planet and its resources.

Sound Zero's vast range of environmentally friendly acoustic panels and soundproofing materials are effective and create stunning, mood-boosting visuals that are sure to brighten everyoneÂ’s day.

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