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Priorclave Launches Global Autoclave Website

Priorclave Ltd News and PR from Priorclave Ltd - Published 05 February 2020 Priorclave, a leading British laboratory autoclave design and manufacturing company, has this month (January 2020) launched a new autoclave Website www.priorclave.com
The new site reflects the true status of this dedicated British autoclave manufacturer, with its products from small benchtop to large rectangular chamber machines in use in virtually every country around the world. The site’s simple global navigation structure enables potential customers to gain quickly an insight into Priorclave’s comprehensive range of laboratory autoclaves and research grade steam sterilizers.

What’s different is a highlight into the many and varied industrial sectors to which the company has and continues to win major contracts for laboratory autoclaves. The site reflects the company’s growing importance as a key supplier to laboratories in diverse industrial sectors including food, drink, dairy, pharmaceutical, water and waste, agricultural, healthcare as well as research and education.

Priorclave has created a standard laboratory autoclave range that includes benchtop, compact, top loading, front loading, pass-through, powerdoor and stackable designs. And with a range of accessories and options Priorclave is confident it can supply a steam steriliser that matches the exacting demand of any laboratory or research organisations. When standard won’t do the company also has the in-house expertise to design and build a unique machine.

Priorclave is truly established as a global brand recognised world-wide for producing robust laboratory and research grade autoclaves that offer superior sterilising performance, are extremely energy efficiency and reliability. They also provide first-class customer service.
The new site reflects the true status of this dedicated British autoclave manufacturer

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