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    Priorclave Ltd

    Years of specialist experience in the design and manufacture of laboratory autoclaves supported by worldwide accreditations and distributors worldwide. We also specialise in autoclave servicing and maintenance.

    For over twenty five years Priorclave has been providing one of the most comprehensive autoclave design and manufacturing services and has now gained a global reputation for quality built autoclaves of superior quality.

    With more than 60 standard laboratory autoclaves including both top and front loading specifications, we are able to design and manufacture autoclaves to meet our client�s exact requirements at affordable prices.

    From small benchtop autoclaves through to larger high input autoclaves, our wide range offers something for every laboratory application designed, manufactured, tested and inspected to meet the stringent criteria we are renowned for.

    Our Autoclaves are suitable for a range Industry Sectors:

    � - Laboratory
    � - School Laboratory
    � - Medical
    � - Pharmaceutical
    � - Veterinary

    Industrial Benchtop Autoclaves
    The benchtop autoclaves from Priorclave encompass all of the features of a modern laboratory autoclave in a compact format with front loading operation and circular chambers from 40-60 litres.

    Front Loading Autoclave Manufacturer
    The Priorclave QCS range of front loading autoclaves also have circular chambers ranging from 100-320 litres and are the most versatile and cost efficient autoclaves available on the market today.

    RSC Autoclaves
    The RSC Autoclaves from Priorclave have been specifically created for laboratories that carry out high throughput sterilising procedures and the handling of extra bulky items.

    Top Loading Autoclaves
    Top loading autoclaves are the perfect choice where space is at a premium and high yields are required. More information on the range of top loading autoclaves from Priorclave may be found on our website.

    Double Door Autoclaves
    Double door autoclaves consist of a door at each end to provide a sterile path both in and out of sealed laboratories. Available with capacities ranging from 40-60 litre circular chambers.

    Power Door Autoclaves
    The power door autoclaves from Priorclave incorporate vertical powered door lifts and locks with just the touch of a button. With their rectangular chambers these autoclaves are available in capacities ranging from 230-700 litres.

    Service, Maintenance Plans, Parts & Accessories
    Priorclave offers a complete service, maintenance, parts and accessories service for its customers through a network of highly trained service technicians strategically placed around the UK.

    At Priorclave it is our intention to help you get the most from your autoclave by providing you with a prompt repair and well planned maintenance service.

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    Products and Services

    1. 230L Power Door Priorclave
    2. 230L RSC Priorclave
    3. 350L Power Door Priorclave
    4. 400L Pass-Through Priorclave
    5. 450L Pass-Through Priorclave
    6. 450L Power Door Priorclave
    7. 450L Power Door Steam Heated Priorclave
    8. 450L RSC Priorclave
    9. 50L Pass-Through Priorclave
    10. 700L Power Door Steam Heated Priorclave
    11. 700L RSC Priorclave
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    55. Compact 40 Benchtop Priorclave
    56. Compact 40 Vacuum Benchtop Priorclave
    57. Compact 60 Vacuum Benchtop Priorclave
    58. Compact 60 Vacuum Priorclave
    59. Composite Autoclave
    60. Dental Autoclave
    61. Double-Door Autoclaves
    62. Dry Autoclave
    63. Dry Heat Sterilizer
    64. Electric Bottle Steriliser
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