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Attracting New Business with a Company Showreel

Dischromatics Limited News and PR from Dischromatics Limited - Published 17 July 2012 Companies are finally appreciating the advantages of including video on their websites. It's a great way to engage with visitors to the site and for SEO purposes.
A Company Showreel can give any business a professional profile which will, ultimately help them gain business from the competition. There are many marketing and advertising techniques which will give a boost to any company’s income but most of these are expensive and give a relatively poor return on investment. They also require on-going commitment and investment. Once a Showreel has been produced, it can be freshened up fairly cheaply with additional information on new products and services and input from new customers along with any other new data you want to include.

A Showreel should be a snapshot of the business; it should be interesting and informative whilst ensuring it has a clear message promoting the company. Customers are a valuable source for your promotion and will be the best ambassadors for your company. Of course, everyone has and displays customer testimonials on their websites but seeing a customer talking positively about your company will have an altogether more fundamental and lasting impact on the viewer. There may be a great desire to add information which is unnecessary and is just padding which will be a switch off to potential customers, so keep it to about three to four minutes to be most effective.

There is a multitude of ways to present the business and every company is different, you don’t want the exact same format as other companies. I would give an example here of websites where many web site designers and I use the term designers loosely here, use the same templates for every customer giving a totally generic and therefore, somewhat boring feel to the site, inevitably equating to an impression of cheapness . A video of the production or services in action with a professional voice over is ideal for the opening with relevant staff and a range of customer interviews; this should be varied and not just at your premises. However, everything could be turned on its head and displayed in a different order; the main point here is individuality of the Showreel.

Dischromatics, a major supplier of CD and DVD Duplication and Replication as well as digital services, is in the process of concluding final editing of its Showreel and all of the staff are excited by the experience. Their Management are very satisfied that by carrying out this exercise they have discovered just how highly they are thought of by their customers who were all delighted to contribute to the Showreel. As a company in a very competitive field, they are able to stand above the competition in that they hold ISO accreditations for Quality and Environmental standards as well as Investors in People. With other unique services and partnerships, a Showreel is an ideal way to emphasise this uniqueness in an effective and yet concise Showreel production.

There are other benefits to a company Showreel. Not only can it be used on your web site and other sites like YouTube and Pinterest to enhance your profile and add to your site’s credibility in Google and other search engines, thereby helping your rankings but it could be burned onto a printed DVD and sent as part of your company’s introduction to potential clients. Another use could be for tenders and grant applications which will impress the recipients and give a good professional image of your business. Once satisfied with the final results, Dischromatics will roll out the service to all companies interested in exploiting this underused tool.
A Showreel should be a snapshot of the business; it should be interesting and informative whilst ensuring it has a clear message promoting the company.

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