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Ecopac (UK) Power Ltd News and PR from Ecopac (UK) Power Ltd - Published 22 January 2020 MEAN WELL RPS-120S Series High Efficiency Miniaturized 3x2 Medical Grade Open Frame Power Supply
MEAN WELL’s new generation of medical PCB power supply, the RPS family, was well-received by the market, and the demands for miniaturized PCB type medical power supplies continue to increase. As a response, MEAN WELL is expanding the RPS family’s 3”x2” product offering to 120W, up from 30-65W of the previously released RPS-30/45/65, by releasing the ultra-high power density RPS-120S series.

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The RPS-120S is the only medical grade PCB type power supply that can operate up to 120W under free air convection

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