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How to Improve Business Waste Management

Landfill Alternatives Limited News and PR from Landfill Alternatives Limited - Published 10 January 2020 Every business generates waste and doing so costs money.
The true cost of waste is not simply the cost of discarded materials – it encompasses, disposal costs, unnecessary use of energy, storage fees and labour time. The actual cost of such waste for UK companies is typically 4 – 5% of turnover, and can be as high as 10%

1. There is a common misconception that ‘going green’ will end up costing businesses more money. The truth is that by managing waste efficiently and recycling more can lead to cost savings and minimise your environmental impact at the same time. In addition to this, your business can profit from a host of other benefits including:

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The most cost-effective and environmentally friendly solution is to eliminate waste in the first instance

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