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  • Balers, compactors, shredders and specialist equipment
  • We have over 20 years experience
  • Bespoke solutions for a whole range of businesses
  • Balers, compactors, shredders and specialist equipment
  • We have over 20 years experience
  • Bespoke solutions for a whole range of businesses
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Landfill Alternatives Limited

Balers, Compactors and Crushers

The Best Value Balers, Compactors, Shredders & Specialist Equipment
With over twenty years of experience in waste management Landfill Alternatives is able to provide a wide range of bespoke solutions to an equally wide range of business sectors.

We offer our products and services to a broad spectrum of industries some of which include large multi-national retailers, shops, metal processers, paper, foam, film, rigid plastics, wood, abattoir skins and general waste so whatever your waste requirements Landfill Alternatives will find a solution.

All of the solutions we offer can either be stand alone or part of a full turnkey operation using bin tippers, extraction systems and conveyors etc.

Landfill Alternatives is able to supply a wide range of waste management equipment from some of the industry’s leading manufacturers such as CK International, Bergmann, Bramidan and Ulster Engineering.

Whether you’re looking to recycle your waste, reprocess, control or compact your waste Landfill Alternatives will supply just the right equipment to match your requirements.

    • Balers
    • Bin Tippers
    • Capture Devices
    • Compactors
    • Consumables
    • Crushers
    • Shredders
    • Specialist Equipment

Landfill Alternatives supply a range of Balers which are used to form blocks of material such as paper, cardboard, metal, plastic bottles, plastic film or other waste.

With three main generic types of Balers available being Vertical, Horizontal and Twin Chamber you are sure to find the right baler to meet your needs.

Portable Compactors, Ram Compactors, Roto Compactors, In-Bin Compactors and Jumbo Roll Packer Compactors available for a wide range of applications including wet waste and dry waste so to find our more please visit our website or get in touch.

We supply both Can Crushers and Drum Crushers both of which offer an extremely efficient way to reduce your waste volume for example a 40 gallon drum can be reduced down to an impressive 3” high!

Shredders & Granulators
Industrial Shredders and Paper Shredders available from Landfill Alternatives both offer a cost effective way for reducing materials such as tyres, waste, wood, paper and a whole variety of other materials.

We supply both types of Shredders of which more details may be found on our website.

Bin Lifters
Bin Tippers provide the user with an easy to use way of inverting the bin to enable emptying.

These simple to operate products can be used either as a standalone of built to customise an existing compactor or baler.

Special Equipment
At Landfill Alternatives we understand that not every ones recycling needs are the same so we offer a complete bespoke service by supplying a range of unusual products such as:

    • Strap Choppers
    • Granulators
    • Densifiers
    • Glass Crushers
    • Aerosol Degassers

Capture Devices
Landfill alternatives offer a range of Capture Devices:

    • Bulk Bags
    • Dolav Crates
    • Forklift Tipping Skips
    • Office Towers
    • Stuff Frames
    • Vending Cup Bins
    • Wheelie Cages

Landfill Alternatives supply a wide range of consumables, from Wire and Strapping products for Balers and Bags through to Roto Compactors and Office Towers so to find out more why not head over to our website.

This is only a small sample of the wide range of solutions Landfill alternatives has to offer so to find out more please visit our website or get in touch.

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Carrick Barrons
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five stars

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five stars
Dave Henstridge, Director, Amberley Adhesive Labels

I would have no hesitation in endorsing Landfill Alternatives and the solution that has been installed. The initial estimation of savings at £500 per month was on the conservative side. We have been delighted with the £800 savings per month over the past five months.

five stars
Belmay Fragrances,

We have achieved our aim a matter of weeks before the final Marks & Spencer audit. Nothing now goes to landfill and we receive a summary by weight of the disposal for all material” stated Vince Keedle. “ We would gladly recommend Landfill Alternatives to achieve your waste aims.”

five stars
Belkin - Manager,

We are very happy with Landfill Alternatives' level of expertise to guide us to a more efficient system. We would recommend them with no hesitation.

five stars
Climatec Windows,

At Climatec, we have worked hard to educate our customers on the benefits of purchasing our energy efficient windows and we wanted to expand our eco-friendly ethos into the workplace”. “The twin chamber waste compactor enables us to compact our cardboard and polythene packaging waste into small easy to manage 50kg bales which Landfill Alternatives collect free of charge for recycling”. “The compactor has proved to be a cost effective solution for us that offers a more productive way of handling our waste”. “The twin chamber compactor is easy to use and actually reduces the time it takes to process our recyclable packaging waste”.

five stars
Ron Brown, Easibind International Ltd

We analysed that we couldn’t recycle anymore of the material and had run out of ideas to divert the final small percentage of waste from landfill. Landfill Alternatives idea has worked very well and we also now use the Roto Compactor to process our cardboard as well. This removes another skip off site and creates an income from the cardboard”.

five stars
F and L Glazing,

We should have done this ages ago” said Layne. “Not only does it save money, but it also keeps the yard tidier saving labour time picking it up from off of the floor.

five stars
George Fisher,

The Bin tipper is a very simple device, with simple controls, that does a simple job” says Chris Blythe, who is the Logistic and Health and Safety Manager for the site. “Not only is it a lot safer it is also quicker and the site looks tidier as well.

five stars
Nationwide Windows,

We’ve been extremely impressed with the performance of this compact machine commented Chris. Its compaction force is incredible and we’re now receiving revenue for materials we were previously paying to have removed from our site.

five stars
Oliver Adams,

Phil Race the site services manager has been delighted with the system. "Not only has it saved space and costs but the system is easy to use for our staff. We were also very surprised with the excellent payloads in the compactor"

five stars

“We should have done this ages ago” - claimed the morning shift supervisor - “it is so easy and quick. With the Christmas rush now upon us the constant build-up of full cages of cardboard is history. It makes everyone’s life so much easier”. An increase in back loading will divert all the recyclables from the waste bins at each store saving costs and tonnage to landfill. “With thanks to Landfill Alternatives advice, we have a simple and cost effective improvement” says Nigel Parker the warehouse manager.

five stars
R.R. Donnelley,

The baler has been outstanding and the solution really works! The staff took to the system easier than we imagined and it has improved operations. The waste disposal costs for the left over rubbish is 20% of the previous years cost and the income for cardboard, paper and plastic covers these waste costs. It has certainly been a project we are glad to have introduced.

five stars
S.P Group,

Landfill Alternatives have done an outstanding job by specifying an excellent system, training 400 staff and sourcing recyclers. We liked it so much we now have some 7 sites within the group improved by them.

five stars
The cheese shed,

The baler works just how customers described and it’s amazing how many boxes the baler will take before its full” says Martin. ”The baler saves me significant time as well as being more environmentally friendly.”

five stars
Topps Tiles,

"This system has really saved us significant money and helped us control high volumes of material". says Dave Oliver Warehouse Manager. "As such the yard is always presentable and we are keeping waste collection vehicle trips into us at a minimum. The final solution supplied by Landfill Alternatives works well and has been able to cope with our increasing volume".

five stars
The window centre,

“The end result of the compactor is that our yard no longer looks a tip and that a vehicle comes once a month rather than two times a week. As a result we will be pulling down our wooden fence a long the perimeter which used to hide the back yard and this will now allow all our delivery vans to be seen from the road which will enhance our local presence” said Alan the director. “We will find out exactly what the savings will be in the future but 25% looks easily achievable.”

five stars
Thompson Valves,

The biggest surprise was that our two skips a week of waste reduced to one bale of 70kgs. This demonstrated what poor value we were getting from our contractor’ said Bob ‘and what a high percentage was recyclable’. The material is all collected through one contractor and the companies ‘waste summary’ chart now shows a much higher percentage of material recycled with the final small percentage being burnt for energy. ‘I cannot understand why all companies don’t adopt this sort of system’ said Bob ‘as it is an absolute no brainer’.

five stars
Watermark Ltd,

"We discussed a baler option as well but we went with the Roto Compactor as it is bagged on completion of the bale and there is no labour content. The Roto Compactor has performed as projected and is making a valuable contribution to reduce labour costs and improve housekeeping.

five stars

This is a superb compactor which is not only very efficient but is also simple and easy to use. We have not changed any of our operation systems so it has achieved this £15,000 saving per annum with no disruption. LFA were very knowledgeable and gave us a number of options to process the waste and how to dispose of it.

five stars
Wollaston, BMW,

It took a number of weeks to get everyone educated and singing off the same hymn sheet but we got there" said Mark Penn, head of Operations. "As a premium brand we wanted to make the effort for the environment and this system works well." "As well as installing the system and doing the training, Landfill Alternatives are the one-stop shop for all removal - one call and it's all sorted."

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