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Keeping up with the neighbours with Contemporary garden decking

Decking Superstore News and PR from Decking Superstore - Published 05 July 2019 With climate change we are finding the temperature is rising and winters are getting milder, this in turn is changing the way we use our gardens in the UK & we are spending more and more time outside.
One of the bi products of this is the increase in Decking sales, now a multi million pound industry in wooden, plastic and composite based decking. By far the most common is wooden decking primarily due to the cost, but improvements in technology advancements have reduced the prices in both plastic and composite based decking products which also now have more of a realistic cosmetic effect closely mimicking wood with the benefits of modern technology.

In times gone by it was not unusual to find a rotten deck in a garden now with higher standards and the aforementioned new products a deck has now become a serious outdoor living space and a well done deck can be a real credit to your property and enhances the value or the desirability of your home especially if you are looking to sell.

Fashionable colours in the modern day UK are greys with modern matching Bi fold doors, a grey decking effect is truly is a property enhancer and certainly gives the neighbours something to chat about.

At Plastideck we are finding that about 90% of our enquiries are for grey decking as opposed to browns so our own brand is available in a choice of light or dark greys and this is becoming very popular with our customers this year. We get referrals frequently from satisfied customers as we try to offer a professional service and can help you design your deck and make suggestions if needs be.

The new technology in composite means that busy families do not have to spend time maintaining their decks as they are virtually maintenance free so a quick and occasional brush and hose down will keep it looking as good as new

For any advice on Plastideck Composite Decking Plastideck boards can be dispatched nationwide within 24 hours of order.
Fashionable colours in the modern day UK are greys

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