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NEW - Plastideck Composite Decking Installation Guide

Decking Superstore News and PR from Decking Superstore - Published 05 December 2018 We have just released our updated installation guide for the Plastideck range of Grey Composite Decking...
This latest revision gives a broader and hopefully easy to understand step by step guide to installing composite decking.

The Plastideck composite board has been designed to be easy to install not only by decking installers but by homeowners with average DIY skills.

The guide will take you through every step from preparing the base, installing the sub frame, laying the composite boards and care and maintenance of your boards for years of low maintenance use.

As we know Plastideck composite decking boards are made from 50% reclaimed wood, 38% recycled polymers and 12% of additives combined together to make strong weather resistant weather boards which will give you years of use which can be used all year around.

Composite is growing in popularity as a viable and affordable alternative to traditional wooden decking, developments in production techniques over recent years have not only reduced costs have also been developed to offer a life like appearance to wood.

As pigments are added this can allow the manufacture of multiple colours to suit modern day fashion trends.

Many ask about the slip resistance of composite decking compared to wood, well we all know poorly maintained wooden decking gets covered in algae in a short time and becomes very slippery , the beauty of composite is that the algae cannot penetrate the composite board so does not have the same slippery problems as wooden decking , as with all outdoor surfaces a little caution and common sense needs to come into play with ice and snow.

Contact us for a free sample pack of all our composite ranges with national UK deliveries possible.

As we previously mentioned as Composite deck boards are made from reclaimed and recycled products you are helping the environment by using single use plastics being made into a useable and everyday object.

Our helpful hints are for guide only, if you would like to speak about our own ranges we are happy to advise or click on the link for free samples of Composite Decking installation our experts will be glad to assist.
The Plastideck composite board has been designed to be easy to install not only by decking installers but by homeowners

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