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Salclear proves its worth on the most dangerous motorcycle race in the world

Salclear News and PR from Salclear - Published 16 June 2019 Our Unique Antifog formula Salclear TT has been tried and tested around the most dangerous motorcycle race in the world, The Isle of Man TT.
The TT races take place over 1 week in June on the small, quiet island of the Isle of Man. It is a race where riders must tackle the infamous 37 mile course at speeds of unto 200mph whilst negotiating brick walls at on closed public roads. This really is a motorcycle road race like no others. To ride and perform at these speeds requires excellent disability. Our motorcycle anti-fog formula 'Salclear TT' takes its inspiration from these very races.

Something we are very proud of is that our products have done over 40 race laps of the TT circuit with good results and feedback. Former TT rider Keith Amor used our products during the 2011 Isle of man TT with great success, he clocked a lap of a very impressive 130.177 lap in the senior race as well as a 3rd place finish. As well as for Keith, this was a key milestone for Salclear, We are proud of our products for performing at such a high standard when it was required on one of the most challenging circuits in the world by one of the legends of Road racing

The course is a thing of beauty and mayhem renound for its changeability, conditions can change in a matter of seconds. Salclear TT is adaptable for any type of weather conditions. On warmer days when fly's are out in abundance, a common problem is the dead flies left on the visor and windshield of the bike. Salclear TT is the perfect solution to restoring the visor and windshield to its optimum visibility cleaning off any debris encountered. On the other hand in wet, Humid and damp conditions, Salclear TT comes into a world of its own, its performance in these kind of conditions to combat visor mist really does show the standard of quality and innovation. It is a truly unique and effective formula.

Despite the poor weather conditions at this years TT, the riders made the most out of the small windows of good weather. In particular Peter Hickman dominated and won a string of 3 races and despite bike problems in the senior pulled it home in second place. Dean harrison also had a good TT with numerous podiums and a win in the biggest race of the week, the senior TT. Its been a great start to the road racing season so far and we wish the riders a safe and successful rest of the season.

Our motorcycle anti-fog formula 'Salclear TT' has withstood the test of the TT mountain course with impressive results

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