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  • Antifog Solutions and Demist products
  • For sports, leisure and motorbiking
  • Antifog, defog, and antimist technology
  • Antifog Solutions and Demist products
  • For sports, leisure and motorbiking
  • Antifog, defog, and antimist technology
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Salclear offers an innovative range of antifog products designed for use on eyewear such as motorbike visors, spectacles, sunglasses, scuba diving eyewear, ski eyewear and more.

The Salclear range of market leading antifog products are the result of many years researching into finding the perfect products for antifogging. Salclear now offers a wide range of solutions with excellent cleaning characteristics with superb humidity resistance, water wash off resistance and antifogging performance rolled into one. The materials sourced are of the highest possible quality, along with our specially devised formula’s we can offer our customers truly outstanding performance.

Salclear has also diversified into various other sectors including the leisure industry where we bring you specialized fluids for the preparation and cleaning of goggles, scuba masks, visors and other eyewear. These preparation fluids are designed to degrease and clean, they are primers and help the antifog work at its optimum potential.

So to give a brief summary as to what we do, here is a list:

    • World Leading Technology in antifog, demist, defog and anitmist solutions
    • Cleaning fluids for the preparation of scuba masks and water sports eyewear
    • Water Repellents, degreasers and antifog
    • Optical and camera lens/equipment cleaning and degreasing

Salclear offers one of the most comprehensive ranges of eyewear antifog and cleaner products. This innovative range includes products for reading glasses, sunglasses, ski goggles and microfiber cloths.

    - Salclear Sport
    - Salclear Ski
    - Salclear Vision

Our high performance Motorbiking products range from antifog and cleaning agents for motorcycle visors, helmets and goggles through to water repellent treatment, leather treatment for PVC and leather motorcycle wear and tyre repair/damage prevention sealant and resin. Our range of products for motorcyclists is:

    - TT
    - TTX
    - Visorprep

Scuba and Watersports
Salclear also offers an impressive range of scuba diving and watersports antifog, demisting, water repellent and diver suit seal and cuff lubricants. Salclears range of diving products have been tried and tested in the Irish sea, known for its rocky and rugged coastline. Our unique diving formulas have been devised over years of experimentation and testing, we are proud to provide you with a range of products that are truly unique and unlike anything else available in terms of their performance.

    - Aquasport
    - Ultra
    - NMP

Wetsuit Lubricant
Our newest product trilube is a wetsuit lubricant designed to give the user ease and comfort when putting on and taking off a wetsuit. We all know the struggle of putting a wetsuit on, it can be time consuming and damaging to your wetsuit. Trilube has become very popular amongst triathletes. Triathletes require fast wetsuit changes, this requires a good lubricant. Trilube has a low viscosity, it’s not a thick gloopy mess like other lubricants you can find, instead is slightly thinner which makes it a great lubricant as it’s easy to apply and highly effective.

- Trilube

Home, Automotive, Optical
Our range of antifogs such as Salclear Sport smear antifog and cleaning agents for all mirror and glass surfaces for use in the home, car and optical lens and components

- Salclear

Special Offers
Salclear always has a wide range of value for money special offers available including product combinations and seasonal discount products, more details of which may be found by visiting our easy to order online shop.

Salclear Mirror and Window Anti Fog Video

Salclear Mirror and Window Anti Fog Video Salclear Antifog for scuba masks
Salclear antifog for windows Salclear TTX repellent spray

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