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Top Energy Saving Tips for your Home

Mayne Gas Heating Ltd News and PR from Mayne Gas Heating Ltd - Published 10 June 2019 Follow our top energy saving tips for your home to save money and the planet.
There is never a bad time to start saving energy around the home. Not only is it great for your pocket, but, in these increasingly environmentally conscious times, even the smallest changes around the home can have a great impact on the environment. Follow our top energy saving tips for your home to save money and the planet.

Quick Wins

There are so many little changes you can make around the home and habits you can adopt that will help save energy. Most of which are low cost or free!

- Change to energy efficient light bulbs, this relatively small investment will save you money in the long run.

- Wash your clothes at a lower temperature. Dropping from a 40-degree wash to a 30 is one small thing you can do which will save energy. Don’t forget to run a hot wash now and then to keep your machine clean though, maybe do this when you’re doing bed sheets or towels.

- We’re all guilty of whacking the tap on full while we brush our teeth and leave it running for the entirety of the time we’re at the basin. You’ll save water and reduce bills if you remember to turn tap off while you’re cleaning your teeth.

- Remember those long stuffed snakes or toys your grandparents would have at the door? Well they may have seemed daft at the time but draught excluders are essential when trying to retain heat within the home. You can also buy strips from DIY or hardware stores to fit round doors and windows.

- Installing a smart meter in your home will help you keep track of your energy usage and identify area in which you need to try and save. Many energy providers provide free smart meters – contact your supplier to see if you’re eligible.

Long Term Investments

If you’re able to, and would like to make a more significant investment in your home, there are some great appliances, tools and home proofing available on the market now.

- Switch to energy efficient appliances. From washing machines and fridges to dishwashers. There are lots of energy saving options available on the high street and the Internet. Use comparison sites to research the best deals and most effective models available to you.

- Installing a new boiler could be one of the best things you could do for you, your home and the environment. Many homes are still housing old, inefficient systems, which are a drain on your wallet and the environment.

- Is your home double-glazed? And if so is it working correctly. There have been a lot of advances in double-glazing technology in the last 20 years making our homes even more energy efficient.

- Roof insulation is also something worth checking out. As one of the cheaper ways to save energy, it is something that can be done relatively easily but can be incredibly effective.

If you'd like to speak to us about any energy saving home improvements, why not head to our contact us page where a member of the team will be in touch.
There is never a bad time to start saving energy around the home

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