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Do you need an asbestos management survey?

Armco Asbestos Consultants News and PR from Armco Asbestos Consultants - Published 05 December 2018 Armco Asbestos Consultants have been conducting asbestos management surveys for over 16 years across the UK for homeowners, small businesses and large corporate clients.
If you own or manage a property that was built or refurbished before the 1999 then it could possibly contain asbestos.

An asbestos management survey will be required in order for you to fulfill your legal duty to manage asbestos.

The purpose of a management survey is to locate, identify, check the condition and manage asbestos containing materials within a property so that it's occupants are aware of asbestos and can be kept safe at all times.

It is your duty as the owner or Manager of a property to make sure that no person is harmed by the presence of ACM's in the building.

You must ensure that the ACM that has been identified remains in good condition and that it will be unlikely it is disturbed.

Our asbestos management survey will involve some minor examinations, intrusions and disturbances in order for us to make a full materials assessment.

We will use any building plans & specifications you may already have of the property and may ask for any historical documentation you may have of asbestos work that has been carried out previously.

Once the asbestos management survey has been completed, we will provide you with a detailed asbestos report which will cover the asbestos type, the location, the extent it exists, its condition and any surface treatment details.

We will assist you in preparing an Asbestos management plan for your property building.

The asbestos report will highlight any priorities for remedial work that may need to be carried out in due course.

Contact us today to enquire about an asbestos management survey for your property.
Our Surveyors have over 16 years of asbestos industry experience.

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