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Case Study - Reid Kerr College

Burnhouse Engineering & Fabrication Ltd News and PR from Burnhouse Engineering & Fabrication Ltd - Published 02 July 2018 Reid Kerr College campus expanded with the opening of the new Renfrew North Building.
This new teaching development was built to replace some of the College’s out of date facilities. The building is fully equipped with state-of-the-art teaching and student facilities and is a significant addition to the campus, providing a variety of services to enhance the student experience.

This new 9,000²ft facility has allowed curriculum sections to be located in the one area rather than being spread throughout the campus. Areas using the building include the Business School, Leisure Industries and Care and Support for Learning all connected by a brand new staircase.


Reid Kerr College approached Burnhouse Engineering who came highly recommended by an existing client of 10years; Rok Construction. The Client required a brand new staircase for the planned extension but were met with the problem of increasing steel prices by their previous contractor which threatened to push the project over budget.

Burnhouse Engineering’s design and skilful engineering input was utilised to provide a quick design and build solution to this problem.

Burnhouse Engineering provided expert advice to help Reid Kerr College implement the best solution. Following design development changes to the staircase, using the latest CAD software, as well as offering alternative materials for the job Burnhouse Engineering were able to bring the entire staircase project back to well within budget, providing huge savings for the client.


The final staircase was constructed from scratch using the Burnhouse Engineering Facilities and is now a great showpiece of the diversity of skills and experience within our architectural steelwork range. All necessary health and safety checks were completed throughout the project and our 3D modelling proved invaluable to ensure that the new staircase build was achieved without error and on time.

Project Timescale - 12 weeks.

Total Savings of £25,000 for the Client!
Total Savings of £25,000 for the Client!

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