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Case Study - Gatekeeper

Burnhouse Engineering & Fabrication Ltd News and PR from Burnhouse Engineering & Fabrication Ltd - Published 02 July 2018 Contemporary Public Art by Matt Baker and Dan Dubovitz, collectively known as Heisenberg.
The total height of the project is 12 meters and weighs 13 tonnes.

Created to mark the completion of the third rebuilding of the Gorbals in the past 150 years.

Upon receiving the job, we found that we could not gain access to the original drawings, the original drawing was found to be made out of several hundred. we could make it out of 4. So upon receiving the original drawings we kept them for all of 10 minutes, before they were scrapped and we worked off of our own.

One of the greatest challenges with this project was fitting it in the workshop, and was taken to site in 4 pieces and assembled on the day. but on the day, we were luck enough to have a large enough crane to lift the parts over the gate, as the lorry struggled to gain access to the unloading area, but there is no such thing as a problem at Burnhouse Engineering, only challenges. No challenge is too big for Burnhouse Engineering, almost anything is achievable if you work with us.
The total height of the project is 12 meters and weighs 13 tonnes

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