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Five Benefits of Promotional Materials for Your Business

Orange Promotions Ltd News and PR from Orange Promotions Ltd - Published 11 October 2017 Promotional product marketing is one of the oldest marketing strategies out there and itís still around today.
However, in the face of digital marketing and advertising campaigns, the humble branded coffee cup may have been side-lined in most companies’ marketing strategy.

Some business owners may hate the idea of giving away stuff for free but it’s not really free if it’s an investment. That’s exactly what it is, a small investment to get your brand out there.

They might seem like novelty items or a good way to stock on pens but branded items could end up doing your business some good in the long run. Here’s how:

Get your brand out there

Promotional materials get your brand out there at trade shows in a way that your stall signs might not. They also give you the opportunity to pass the brand to a wider reach when people take your branded materials back home or to the office. Your brand and logo are then potentially on show to more people.

They start conversations

The more eye-catching the item or logo, the more likely someone is to strike up a conversation about it. People might ask where they got it, what your business is about. These are conversations that might never have happened if it weren’t for something as simple as a branded mug.

Keep it in people’s minds

When thinking of what items to get your company logo on, think about it from the customer’s point of view. Pick things that are going to be kept and reused. So things like pens and mugs are popular for this reason because they don’t just get left at the bottom of someone’s bag. They’ve got a use of their own and people love useful things that are also free.

Build client relationships

Everyone loves a freebie. It automatically makes potential customers take notice of your business and appreciate the favour. It’s sometimes the first step in a client conversation.

People who are given something for free are also more likely to offer something in return whether it’s their custom or simply their time. Use that opportunity to introduce your business and make a connection. People are far more likely to buy from brands that they’ve already got some kind of connection with, even if it’s just from a simple conversation.

Cheap investment for the returns

For the amount of potential reach and longevity you can give your marketing, you’d usually have to pay a lot of money for expensive advertising campaigns.

Branded items are an inexpensive way to get these kinds of return on your investment. In a way you’re investing in your company with a long-term marketing strategy. While every mug you give away won’t automatically turn into a sale, it’s a stepping stone towards one.
a small investment to get your brand out there

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