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How to Maximise Your Success at Your Next Trade Show

Orange Promotions Ltd News and PR from Orange Promotions Ltd - Published 11 October 2017 Trade shows and fairs are often a necessary evil part of your marketing strategy. Go get seen by potential customers and you never know whose attention you might catch.
An important part of setting up your stall will be in the branding. This means having the right signs out and such but what you put on your table is where the real potential is.

If you’re ever been to one of these things before, you’ll no doubt see that everyone else has piled their tables with freebies looking to entice new clients. These can be anything from branded pens to keyrings, cups and T-shirts. Everyone loves a freebie but how do you make this part of your success?

Pick a freebie that people will keep

Some branded items have more staying power than others. Try picking something like a pen or a mug that will stay on people’s desks for months rather than something that’s easy to forget about and throw away.

This ensures that it’s always in sight and retains that staying power in your potential customers’ minds.

Top items include mugs, pens, and note books, anything that is actually useful for someone means that they’re more likely to keep it hanging around. Therefore, more people are likely to see it or even ask about it.

Wear your brand

Go one step further and get some branded t-shirts for the people running your stall if you haven’t already. This ensures that your branding is seen from all angles.

This will also make sure that the people representing your stall are easily identifiable by anyone interested in your services. They can head straight towards the right people without getting lost in the crowd.

Don’t just rely on the branded items

Along with giving away mugs, pens and t-shirts, try giving a business card or mini leaflet that gives a short breakdown of your services, includes your website and contact details so that they don’t just get home with a load of merchandise from companies they don’t really know anything about. Alternatively, include your website on your branded items wherever possible.

Take a look at the competition

Next time you’re at an event like this, either to set up a stall yourself or just as a visitor, take a look at the stalls around you. Keep an eye on the ones that are drawing the biggest crowds and go take a look at what they’re doing right. You can then apply the lessons to your own stall to give it a boost next time.

Run a competition

Competitions not only draw people to your stall, they also draw them back. If you’ve got a competition running, it’s something people are going to talk and think about at the event.

So for a small investment in a prize, you could boost your popularity among your competitors. Throwing in some branded items can make sure that you’re still gaining some publicity afterwards too.
for a small investment in a prize, you could boost your popularity among your competitors

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