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MAHLE at IAA Cars 2017: Product highlights

MAHLE Powertrain Ltd News and PR from MAHLE Powertrain Ltd - Published 23 September 2017 Clean air, energy efficiency, driving pleasure: these are the issues that MAHLE is committed to in its product developments.
The highlights presented at IAA Cars 2017 represent the company’s investment in these three aspects. Trade show visitors will have the chance to experience these product innovations at the MAHLE stand C40 in Hall 8.0.

◾Piston rings and liquid management module for lower emissions
◾Heart of air conditioning system for electric vehicles: new e-compressors
◾World’s first air conditioning system with environmentally friendly refrigerant CO2
◾CareMetix® cabin air filter eliminates unpleasant odors

Piston rings for lower emissions

To reduce oil ash and particulate emissions in combustion engines, MAHLE is presenting a new generation of oil control rings: U-flex piston rings. If oil enters the combustion chamber of a gasoline engine, oil ash and particulate emissions are produced. With U-flex piston rings, MAHLE lowers particulate emissions and oil ash by up to 30 percent. The number and mass of particles decreases as a result, and the particulate filter generates less counter pressure—reducing CO2 emissions over the vehicle’s lifetime.

Liquid management module: up to two percent less CO2

A further innovation at IAA Cars 2017 is the MAHLE liquid management module, a combination of electric coolant pump for 12 or 48 volts and cooling circuit control. The benefits of this module are short warm-up phases for combustion engine cold starts, rapid control of coolant flows, and control of several circuits at different temperature levels for different components using just one pump. The module allows CO2 savings of up to two percent, with minimal package requirements. The module can also be used in electric vehicles. The advantages here are likewise a simpler systems architecture and greater efficiency.

E-compressors for different power classes

With the newly developed e-compressors, MAHLE is also a full-line supplier in air conditioning systems for electric vehicles. The electric compressor is the heart of the air conditioning system, which MAHLE has developed in both 400- and 800-volt versions—for diverse power classes and a wide array of applications.

First R744 air conditioning system worldwide: the natural and environmentally friendly CO2 refrigerant

Environmental compatibility is essential in air conditioning systems too, as MAHLE demonstrates in its world first, the R744 air conditioning system. R744 is a one hundred percent natural, climate-neutral, and environmentally friendly refrigerant. As the thermodynamic characteristics of R744 are fundamentally different from the chemical alternatives used to date, MAHLE has completely redeveloped the refrigerant circuit for R744.
Clean air, energy efficiency, driving pleasure.

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