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  • Design & development of advanced IC engines and electrified powertrain systems
  • Part of MAHLE's global network of R&D centres
  • Your service provider for the entire powertrain
  • Design & development of advanced IC engines and electrified powertrain systems
  • Part of MAHLE's global network of R&D centres
  • Your service provider for the entire powertrain
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  • Future Powertrain Conference

    Future Powertrain Conference


    From: 27 February 2020 10:00 am
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MAHLE Powertrain Ltd

Engineering Services

MAHLE Powertrain is the engineering services division of the MAHLE Group. We specialise in the design, analysis, simulation, calibration, testing, development and integration of high efficiency and high performance internal combustion engines and advanced powertrain systems. Our headquarters are in Northampton, UK and we also have engineering locations in the USA, Germany, China and Brazil.

RDE Development Testing
MAHLE Powertrain uses state of the art 4WD Chassis Dyno technology for the development and testing for variable altitude, temperature and humidity conditions testing.

Powertrain Design
With a wealth of knowledge and expertise MAHLE Powertrain`s design team is able to create both traditional and hybrid solutions from initial concept through to approved production.

Verification and Analysis
MAHLE Powertrain utilises world leading simulation tools and techniques to provide realistic cost and time savings hence reducing physical testing requirements.

Build Services
With a well-equipped facility incorporating 18 engine build bays, machining and fabrication support, hot test stands, instrumentation fitting facility and 3 stage component wash MAHLE Powertrain is able to provide a full engine build service.

Propulsion Systems Testing
MAHLE Powertrain`s team of highly skilled engineers are able to generate consistently accurate test data bringing a wide range of benefits to the customer.

Vehicle Testing
A fully comprehensive range of fully certified on-site facilities available with the sole purpose of testing vehicle emissions and driveability optimization.

Performance, Calibration and Controls
Extensive knowledge and experience allows MAHLE Powertrain to develop and optimise modern power train systems. This extensive knowledge also allows for the successful delivery of a wide range of vehicle programmes.

Full support provided for customers throughout the whole development process, from initial concept through to fully validated prototypes.

Purchasing and Supplier Development
MAHLE Powertrain also offers a range of cost effective solutions for strategic component and system sourcing.

Drive-Cycle and Vehicle Performance Simulation
Utilising real drive cycle simulation techniques MAHLE Powertrain is able to assess the CO2 reduction and vehicle performance enhancement benefits of a range of technologies including hybridization.

MAHLE Powertrain Capabilities

Recent Projects

MAHLE Modular Hybrid Powertrain

MAHLE Modular Hybrid Powertrain

Our new MMHP (MAHLE Modular Hybrid Powertrain) provides a scalable, realistic solution for high efficiency, parallel and series hybrid powertrain for a diverse range of vehicle applications.

The MMHP incorporates a traction motor, inverters, turbocharged gasoline IC engine, generator and bespoke transmission in a fully integrated compact package.
MAHLE eSupercharged Downsizing Vehicle

MAHLE Powertrain has integrated a 48 V eSupercharger into their latest downsized engine, along with a conventional exhaust driven turbocharger for high speed, full load performance.

48V hybridisation with electric supercharging
� Energy recuperation
� Extremely high specific power and torque
� Excellent transient response and driveability
� Increased levels of downsizing possible
� Greater CO2 reduction potential
MAHLE eSupercharged Downsizing Engine

MAHLE Powertrain has increased the specific output of the MAHLE downsizing engine to over 160 kW/litre through the application of 48V eSupercharging.

� Power output of 193 kW / 262 PS
� Specific power of 161 kW / liter
� Peak torque of 313 Nm (33 bar BMEP)
� Flexibility of 290 Nm @ 1,500 rpm
� Minimum BSFC of 235 g/kWh
MAHLE Downsizing Engine

� Aggressive engine downsizing > 50 %
� High specific output 100 kW/l
� Fuel economy benefit (proven) > 30 %
� CO2 emissions (NEDC) 135 g/km
� MAHLE NIKASIL� parent bore cylinder coating
� BMTS single-stage turbocharger
MAHLE Downsizing Vehicle

The general principle of engine downsizing is most relevant for large or medium-sized vehicles where the potential fuel economy and emissions benefits can be maximised. The VW Passat Estate (weighing 1,600 kg) was selected as the �mule� downsizing demonstrator vehicle, with the 1.8 litre turbo gasoline variant of this car providing the dynamic performance targets.

Key figures:
� Fuel economy of 5.8 l/100 km (~49 UK mpg)
� CO2 emissions of 135 g/km on the NEDC
� High torque at low engine speed

The MAHLE Downsizing Engine delivers the best of both worlds: flexible and dynamic performance, combined with excellent fuel economy and low emissions.
MAHLE Range Extender Demonstrator Engine

� Enhanced range & dynamic performance for EVs
� Design / development / prototyping within 9 months
� Fully integrated axial-flux generator
� Range Extender optimised for:
Weight (< 65 kg, incl. generator)
Package volume
MAHLE Range Extender Demonstrator Vehicle

MAHLE Powertrain�s compact range extender engine powers an electric vehicle when the battery level is low. A range extender demonstrator vehicle showcases this technology and to assist in the further development and optimisation of the engine, associated hardware and control systems.

Key figures:
� Capability of achieving 45 g CO2/km on the legislated NEDC test
� Combination of battery + engine range of up to 500 km
� Minimum �electric only� range of 70 km
� Maximum speed of 145 km/h with the ability for continuous (charge sustaining) driving at 120 km/h
� Capability of maintaining 90 km/h on a 6 % gradient
� Retaining all of the original passenger and luggage space

The MAHLE range extender demonstrator vehicle provides the optimum combination of extended range and flexibility of use with zero tailpipe emissions capability and class-leading fuel economy.
MAHLE Flexible ECU

The MAHLE Flexible ECU (MFE) is a robust, open architecture controller based on the proven AFT PROtroniC platform. It has the capability to control any powertrain application utilising MAHLE's highly optimised functional software.

� Complete flexibility
� Controls all engine functions
� Fully configurable / modular software
� Covers current and future engine technologies
� Torque based structure
� Simple to use
� Matlab/Simulink compatible
� Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) protection
� Comprehensive documentation

MAHLE Jet Ignition�

MAHLE Jet Ignition�

MAHLE Jet Ignition� enables homogeneous ultra-lean combustion in modern gasoline engines.

The MAHLE Jet Ignition� system is a new combustion technology which replaces the standard spark plug in SI engines with a jet ignition chamber assembly. MAHLE Jet Ignition� facilitates the implementation of ultra lean-burn operation in gasoline engines, improving their efficiency and reducing the formation of pollutants such as nitrogen oxide and particulates. MAHLE Jet Ignition� is an exciting new combustion system that provides great potential for further CO2 emissions reduction in latest generation gasoline engines.

MAHLE Interactive Vehicle Interface (MIVI)

MAHLE Powertrain offers powerful, robust and cost effective driver display units which are fully configurable to suit any demo or development vehicle application. Using this approach, a bespoke driver display unit (or HMI) has been developed for our Range Extender demo vehicle.

The displays are based on high-definition LCD screen in a range of sizes with capacitive touch control, integrated 800 MHz CPU and CAN communication interface.

The unit provides direct access to vital information from the vehicle systems in real time and allows the driver to control a number of system functions and parameters as well as providing the ability for easy data logging during a drive.

Key display elements and functions:

� Traction motor data and trip data
� Battery power, state of charge and charging status
� SoC hold and target setting
� Record engine operating points

Jobs and Career at MAHLE

If you have goals and are ready to grow with your challenges, MAHLE can give you the perfect start to your career.

We have an array of career launching opportunities for research and development, procurement and controlling, technical sales and production.

If you are ready to take on new challenges as part of a strong team, within international projects then please get in touch today or find out more here.

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Events & Shows

  • Future Powertrain Conference

    Future Powertrain Conference


    From: 27 February 2020 10:00 am
    To: 28 February 2020 15:00 pm