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Hardness is an essential feature in quality control

Midland Metrology Ltd News and PR from Midland Metrology Ltd - Published 02 February 2017 This has resulted in an increased demand for Hardness Testers
Materials are required to be extremely hard and even very soft depending on the application and use whilst in service.
Hardness has an impact on other metallurgical properties such as tensile strength and shear strength,
There are many methods for testing this feature — Rockwell— Vickers — Brinell
The method chosen depends on the component and material being tested.
Example : Case hardened steel would require a Rockwell test.
Heavy forgings and casting would use Brinell while high accuracy finished aircraft parts would use the Vickers method.
The importance of the right level of hardness cannot be understated

Midland Metrology are happy to recommend the best Hardness tester for your application

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