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Axis Install Manusa Hermetically Sealed Doors

Axis Automatic Entrance Systems News and PR from Axis Automatic Entrance Systems - Published 16 January 2017 Hospitals are demanding environments for most suppliers, particularly when it comes to doors and the new Alder Hey Children’s Hospital in Liverpool is certainly no exception.
As well as the 200 plus manual sliding doors to each bedded room, Axis Automatic Entrance Systems Ltd also installed 11 Manusa Hermetically Sealed Automatic Doors in isolation areas on a number of the wards.

But, just as with the manual doors, the design required very large double glazed doors nearly 2.5 metres high with double glazed units incorporating integral blinds. And to add a further complication the doors needed two opening modes. One option is for the doors to open a mere 25% of their potential movement and then close after a time delay of 10 seconds. Alternatively this cycle can be interrupted by a command for the door to open fully. This enables staff to slip in and out of the room without exposing the full open doorway. However, the door can be fully opened when moving beds or equipment and so has the flexibility of a manual door but with full automatic power assistance.

A seal housed in an aluminium profile and shaped to suit the floor guides was fitted to the bottom of the doors. In order to create the hermetic seal, as the door closes it drops 10mm and goes in 10mm with the guides assisting with the alignment to form the seal. A perimeter frame with seal was then fitted around the door opening (sides and top) so when the door reaches the fully closed position, it becomes totally sealed.

Three quarters of the patients at the new Alder Hey Hospital will be in single rooms and there's an outdoor balcony overlooking the park on each floor. The importance of light and airiness was absolutely vital to the whole design concept and this meant all the doors had to be very special. Each had to be large for ease of access for beds and equipment, glazed for brightness and airiness, have privacy blinds for examinations or just occasional solitude and, of course, they had to be easily opened and closed. The Manusa doors installed by Axis met all these requirements.

Axis offer an extensive range of doors for healthcare applications including the award winning Flo-Motion® manual sliding doors, Manusa hermetically sealed automatic doors, Stanley Dura-Care manual sliding, telescopic, swing and folding doors for ICU and CCU and Stanley automatic clean room doors.

For further information please contact Axis Automatic Entrance Systems on 0844 504 6525, email [email protected] or visit www.axisautomatic.co.uk
In order to create the hermetic seal, as the door closes it drops 10mm and goes in 10mm

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