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A Reflection on 2016 Part 1

Morclean Ltd News and PR from Morclean Ltd - Published 23 December 2016 2016 has been a monster of a year here at Morclean with new changes happening left, right and centre. We've seen many developments both to the internal team and the vast product range we offer.
Here at Morclean we enjoy attending shows tailored to our industry and meeting like-minded business folk and discussing ideas. This year has been no different and we have attended the Cleaning Show in Manchester and the ISSA Interclean in Amsterdam, in which we had a great success demonstrating our Bin Wash machine and strumming up leads. A few of our personal highlights are below.

Selling two Bin wash Machines before the Cleaning Show’s official opening time
Our Green Apple award-winning Bin wash machine made quite a stir at the Manchester Cleaning Show in April. The event doors opened 15 minutes early due so many guests waiting to get in, as soon as the floodgates opened we had two customers dash to our stand to purchase the Bin wash machine. Two machine sales before the show’s official opening time must be something of an industry coup. Safe to say we’ll definitely be attending in 2017!

Having fun with the BBC News team

The BBC Breakfast team were at the Cleaning Show to promote the cleaning industry and were on hand to interview some of the exhibitors. Presenter Steph McGovern made the event for us and was a welcome addition to the show, interviewing us and getting our Bin wash machine in shot a couple times on-air. What really made our day though was our Floor care Sales Manager Keith securing a ‘speaking part’ in the show. Being chased by Steph, Keith replied (with the now infamous line) “not today Steph”. Watch out Grammy awards! Steph personally thanked the Morclean team and we can’t wait to attend the next show in March 2017.

ISSA Interclean 2016

The ISSA Interclean show was one of the hardest shows we’ve had to exhibit at and we faced a lot of challenges over the duration of the 4-day event. Of course though we took that in our stride and battled through it like the strong Morclean team we are. The first hurdle we faced was the last-minute change to the stand and location. We also faced last minute artwork and power shortages on the stand which added even more to fun! The hard work was worth the effort though and we had an amazing and successful time with plenty of leads to follow up after the show. We're all booked in for the 2018 edition of ISSA Interclean and will be exhibiting in Hall 1.

New Staff On-board

It is inevitable that within every business that is expanding new staff will need to be brought on board to help aid growth. This year the Morclean team welcomed on board another Director to the business in the form of Rob Green, who joined the firm in January and was brought in to head the sales side of the business. Since his arrival, Rob has grabbed the bull by the horns and made a strong and positive impact on how the business is ran.

A new member has also been introduced to the marketing department to help with re-branding and developing the online presence of the company. 2017 is also looking like the team will be expanding even further with a higher demand for deliveries and needing more hands-on board.
2016 has been a monster of a year at Morclean

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