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Cladding Spray Painting UK

CeilCote - ProCoat UK LTD News and PR from CeilCote - ProCoat UK LTD - Published 06 December 2016 Does your cladding need some attention? Perhaps you’ve recently taken over the building and you want to give the building’s exterior a brand new look?
Spray painting is the solution, and CeilCote can provide the best spray painting service.

On-site spray painting is our speciality, and we have yearsÂ’ of experience behind us. Over the last 25 years we have successfully cleaned and spray painted vast amounts of cladding for our customers. On-site cladding spraying is one of the things we do best, and we will work with you to ensure the best outcome for your building.

Respraying the cladding will make all the difference to the appearance of the building. Cladding is generally durable and hard-wearing, offering a 10-year warranty, but it will need respraying from time to time. Manufacturers will also suggest for the cladding to be cleaned periodically to promote longevity.

We can remove any loose paint from the cladding, roofs and guttering, treat any corrosion, clean the cladding and respray it, as and where necessary.

From lift doors to cladding to shop fronts, the team at CeilCote can meet all your paint spraying needs.
We can remove any loose paint from the cladding, roofs and guttering

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