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5 Ways to Organise Your Wine Rack

Cranville Wine Racks Ltd News and PR from Cranville Wine Racks Ltd - Published 20 October 2016 If you’re a fan of the vino, then we’re fairly certain you’ll have a collection and a half in your wine rack that you’re looking to show off.
If youÂ’re a fan of the vino, then weÂ’re fairly certain youÂ’ll have a collection and a half in your wine rack that youÂ’re looking to show off. All of those holidays and trips to Duty-Free (as well as your penchant for visiting vineyards when you can) will have no doubt led to quite a burgeoning assortment of your favourites from around the world.

The only real question now is: just how do you organise them all?

Picture this: youÂ’re having a few friends over for dinner, and you know exactly which wine will work perfectly; youÂ’ve been looking for an excuse to show it off, but you canÂ’t find it anywhere. YouÂ’ve been putting off the organisation part of your wine rack for quite some time now, but now you realise, there is no time like the present.

WeÂ’ve put together five of the best ways to organise your collection that might just save you from a wine faux pas!


No matter how big or small your collection is you will always benefit from organising by type. Reds, Whites, Roses, Sparkling and Dessert Wines – all neatly collated and ready to be popped open.

Of course, as your interest levels rise, so will your collection, which means youÂ’ll have to add some additional organisation to your wine.


Now your bottles are ordered by colour; you can start to group variations within these types. No longer will you accidentally grab a bottle of Riesling when you meant to choose the Chardonnay. No longer will you mix up the Shiraz and the Cabernet Sauvignon.


To get deeper yet into the realm of organisation within your wine rack, you can choose to group by location. The difference in the flavour of wine from California versus one from France or Australia can be just what you need to take your meal to the next level, so youÂ’ve got to get this right.

Organising by location is especially useful if you have an extensive collection – start with the country and then organise by type and variety for the most efficient wine filing system around.


For the wine connoisseur, age is just as important a factor to consider as location and type. Some wines are made with ageing in mind, so they might be sitting around for a few decades before you choose to crack the bottle open, but it will be worth it.

Organise your vintage wines in style – start at the top with the youngest bottles in your stash and work your way down through the years, so your oldest is sitting pretty at the bottom. This way you won’t need to move the whole collection along when you make more purchases!


Whether you choose to order your wine using any of the above methods, you should always keep a healthy supply of your favourites to hand. Perhaps you keep your entire collection in a purpose made cellar or wine storage cupboard, but having a rack stocked full of the staples and old faithfulÂ’s in the kitchen is a quick and easy way of enjoying a tipple.

For more advice about wine, please check back on our blog – we update regularly! To find out more about your nex
WeÂ’ve put together five of the best ways to organise your collection that might just save you from a wine faux pas!

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