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7 Reasons to Keep Your Wine Rack Stocked

Cranville Wine Racks Ltd News and PR from Cranville Wine Racks Ltd - Published 20 October 2016 As with many of life’s pleasures, we are often told that too much of a good thing is bad for us...
...and while overindulging with alcohol is not beneficial to your health, there is plenty of research out there to suggest that, in fact, wine is really rather good for you.

The key to enjoying wine and reaping the health benefits is moderation. So go out and stock up your wine rack, by all means, but before guzzling it all in a week, take heed of exactly why a glass of vino is so good for you.

Experts around the world have a seemingly never-ending list of reasons why indulging in a glass of wine in the evening is good for health. WeÂ’ve picked seven of the best reasons for you.

Studies have found that women who drink one to two glasses of wine in a day are 40% less likely to develop Type 2 Diabetes due to its ability to reduce insulin resistance.

Drinking approximately one glass of wine per day can improve your memory in older age.

Wine is known to reduce inflammation of blood vessels and prevent blood clots, too.

Wine is believed to help burn fat for up to 90 minutes after your glass has been emptied – helping give wine drinkers narrower waists and less abdominal fat.

Wine (and alcohol, in general) are known to depress brain activity and leave you feeling much calmer, reducing stress in the process.

Drinking wine can increase the density of your bones thanks to a boost in hormones that slows down the destruction of old bone matter.

Extract of grape and wine both help rid your teeth of bacteria that can be damaging to your oral health. Drinking wine is, therefore, a great way of fighting cavities!

Just the one glass a day can help reduce the risk of illness and stave off food poisoning.

With so many benefits available to those of us who enjoy a glass of the good stuff over dinner, or enjoy having a good old chit chat with a friend and a bottle of your favourite red, itÂ’s hard to see why you wouldnÂ’t want to reach for that bottle opener after a long week!

Of course, it is important that your bottles are stored correctly to ensure you get the expected benefits from your wine – which is why it is important that your wine rack is in good working order. You might even need more space; we have plenty of options available on our site – please have a browse!
it is important that your bottles are stored correctly to ensure you get the expected benefits from your wine

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