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Roof Lanterns for Swimming Pools

National Domelight Company News and PR from National Domelight Company - Published 03 October 2016 Roof lanterns for swimming pools make an excellent feature within any building, and at the National Domelight Company, we have many to choose from.
They offer beautiful views of the outside world, from the comfort of the inside. A practical and stylish addition to your building’s construction, a roof lantern can make any room feel larger by filling it with natural light. It’s a luxurious finishing touch which will maximise the space around your swimming pool, regardless of the property’s age and design. This makes a roof lantern the perfect complement to your swimming pool area – it adds style and elegance in abundance, whilst making your space go further.

Natural light has a number of attractive properties, and it has the ability to completely transform a space. As well as offering stunning views of the outside world and making rooms bright and attractive, the additional light which enters a room via a roof lantern is known to improve mood and concentration. Whether you’re relaxing within your pool area or focusing on swimming lengths, natural light can help to improve your experience. A rooflight will let in up to three times more natural light than an ordinary window, which reduces the need for artificial lighting to be switched on. It also offers excellent thermal efficiency, especially when combined with our double or triple glazed Low-E glass. If fitted with 44mm triple glazed Low-E glass, a rooflight can achieve U-values of as little as 0.7W/m²k. This makes them a useful investment, which can save you money and help contribute to lowering your carbon footprint.

The National Domelight Company offer attractive, well finished products which will add real value to your property. We supply products from the finest manufacturers around, because quality and customer satisfaction are top of our list. The roof lanterns for swimming pools which we supply are from SkyLantern, a range designed with style and unrivalled sky views in mind. They allow you to make the most of your space whatever the size, as they can be custom built to suit you and are supplied in an easily transportable kit form. If ventilation is required, the rooflights can be fitted with manual or electric controls. This doesn’t mean that they’re expensive though – SkyLantern products provide excellent value for money. The appearance is perfect for your swimming pool area because it’s stylish and unobtrusive, so you can enjoy swimming whilst making the most of the view. Our roof lanterns look just as good from the outside as they do from the inside. They feature light aluminium box rafters to give a sleek appearance, and there’s a choice of leaving the all-aluminium look or using uPVC cover caps, depending on the existing building’s construction. You can also select your colour from a wide range of RAL colours, which are achieved by powder coating to give you the exact appearance you want. You can even select different colours for the inside and the outside in order to give your roof lantern a unique look which reflects you property’s style and design.
Natural light has a number of attractive properties, and it has the ability to completely transform a space

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