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Rooflights for Extensions

National Domelight Company News and PR from National Domelight Company - Published 03 October 2016 At the National Domelight Company, we can provide a wide range of rooflights for extensions.
At the National Domelight Company, we can provide a wide range of rooflights for extensions. The beauty of a rooflight is that it opens up a room, making it lighter and seemingly more spacious without having to alter the room itself. This is why rooflights and extensions go hand in hand: a rooflight is the perfect complement to an extended room, where owners are already seeking to maximise their space. It’s the ideal way to change the feel of a room and give it a pleasant ambience, without having to carry out additional structural work to further extend the property.

The benefits of adding additional light to your property are well documented. Allowing more natural light into a room increases the mood and productivity of those who are in it. It’s also a cost effective addition, saving you money by reducing the need for artificial lighting. Did you know that rooflights can provide up to three times more daylight than a vertical window of equal size can? That’s why our products are the ideal choice for extensions - they help you to make the best use of your new space. They can be fitted into any building extension, be it commercial, domestic or industrial.

We have a number of choices for your extension at the National Domelight Company. There are various different types of rooflight available on the market, and our experience means that we know which design will complement each individual property. Our products come in numerous shapes and sizes, with each one able to offer a different look and feel. Choose from flat glass, walk-on glass, sliding mechanisms, polycarbonate domes, sun tubes, roof lanterns and pyramids, manual hinged windows and electric hinged windows. You can also select rooflights for extensions which have added functionality, such as an access hatch or a smoke vent. We have an array of contacts in the industry, which also allows us to offer a bespoke service to our customers. If you can’t find what you need listed on our website, contact the team and we’ll get to work sourcing the ideal system for you. Whatever it is that you want to achieve for your extension, we can help.

The National Domelight Company works with leading rooflight manufacturers to ensure that all of our products are of the highest standard. This gives us an advantage over other rooflight companies, because we have such a large selection of top quality products available to our customers. Our brands include AstroGlaze, SkyLantern, StarDome, StarGlaze, SolarGlaze, ThermaDome and ThermaLight. Each brand comes with its own unique advantages, and by having such a diverse selection available, we can make sure that we have a product to suit each purpose. Having provided rooflights for extensions across a number of different projects, we can accommodate individual needs, and we’ll be sure to take everything into consideration when finding the ideal product for you.
The benefits of adding additional light to your property are well documented

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