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An air con offering you canít refuse!

GEMCO Equipment Ltd News and PR from GEMCO Equipment Ltd - Published 22 September 2016 Considering the statistics, the ability to service heating and air conditioning systems is an offering you canít refuse.
¬ĎAround 90% of your customers have air-conditioning fitted to their cars, therefore you already have an existing customer base for your air con business¬í explains GEMCO¬ís ¬ĎAndy Craddock. ¬Ď If you cannot repair their air conditioning they may go elsewhere and potentially you could lose all their business. But if you kit yourself out for this business then you can look after your existing and potentially attract new customers.¬í

The modern air-conditioning machine is an environmental recycling centre,¬í says Andy. ¬ĎIt removes refrigerant from the car and separates oil. It also cleans, dries and and stores the refrigerant for re-use. Most are fully automatic taking between five and 10 minutes of your technician¬ís labour for each re-charge. If you invest, approximately ¬£3,000 ¬Ė ¬£3500 in an air-con machine, some oils, leak dyes, nitrogen leak test kit and technician training you could expect to get payback in 12 months with only 6 jobs per month. This is based on a ¬£50 re-charge fee minus the costs for oil, dye, refrigerant and labour. The estimated gross margin is 80% .¬í
It removes refrigerant from the car and separates oil

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