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What to put in a 33 Exhibition Stand Space?

POD Exhibitions News and PR from POD Exhibitions - Published 05 May 2016 What is the best display option for a 33 Exhibition Stand Space? Have you booked your stand at your next event?
A common stand space at the UK’s major exhibition halls is a 3m x 3m square shell scheme. With 9sq metres of floor space, what are you going to do get the most from your exhibition investment?

The beauty of a 3×3 stand is that there is scope for creativity but yet stands of this size can usually be assembled quickly, making them a practical and affordable stand size for many companies.

As getting the most out of your exhibition stand space is vital to ensure the maximum return on investment, it is important to select the right system for your business. The endless choice can be headache when it comes to making the final decision to fill the space. So we have boiled the huge array of exhibition systems on the market down into a few key solutions that will hopefully make the choice a bit easier. And the choice you make has a lot to do with your needs as an exhibitor?

For example, will you be transporting the exhibition equipment to the show yourself? Does it need to fit into a car? Do you want to be able to reuse the stand if you decide to have a different stand size at your next event? Do you have a lot of products to also display on the stand?
Foamex Boards:

Foamex panels attach directly to your shell scheme using Velcro dots or magtape, giving you the entire 9m square floor space to work with. In some cases it is possible to insert the panels directly into the shell scheme frame. Ideal if you need to save on space and have a lot to fit in as it doesn’t encroach into your floor area.

Centro Aluminium Framed Stands:

Aluminium framed stand constructed from straight aluminium profile components that graphic panels can be attached too. Ideal if you require a system that can be shortened, extended or altered to fit another layout and if you want to integrate accessories such as literature stands, tablet holders and digital screens.

Twist Linking Banners:

The Twist is a linked banner system. The banners are linked in two ways, one of which involves a smaller banner on a flexible rail which enables the creation of curves to join two standard banners. Great if you want to use separate banners in the future.

We’ve taken a look at the pros and cons of all the systems and put them all in one place on our website, to help you find the best system.
The beauty of a 3×3 stand is that there is scope for creativity

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