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Creating Walls with EverBlock Building Blocks

POD Exhibitions News and PR from POD Exhibitions - Published 05 May 2016 EverBlock modular building blocks is the ideal solution for creating walls, room dividers, office partitions and much more.
Open spaces can be easily reconfigured, making it a versatile and fun way to divide a room or create an enclosure.

The size and scale of walls with EverBlock is up to you but maximum height restrictions are advised on large walls and backdrops. As walls get taller, they require additional stabilisation and support, so there are several methods that can be used to provide additional stability. But choosing a wall width that is suited to the height of the wall won’t always require additional reinforcement.

Support a freestanding wall
For free standing walls, to create extra stability in the design it is good to consider putting a 90 degree “L” at the origin, or termination of the wall, or adding a “T” at the end of the wall. It is also possible to add a protrusion or column in the middle of the wall for additional stability over longer runs.

For walls with EverBlock over 8ft long it is recommended to use a buttress of some type to provide additional stabilisation. This can be a simple stabilising flare out of the wall, or a complete wall extension. Adding an “L” or “T” in the design will greatly enhance the stability of your wall. For long or tall wall areas or for load-bearing construction, it is important to insert a reinforcing steel bar or rods into the EverBlock cable channels for additional stability.

Anchor your wall
When building a freestanding wall it is often useful to reinforce or anchor the freestanding wall to an adjacent fixed wall. This can be achieved using either an angle channel along the entire length of the wall or angle brackets placed at various points on the wall.

Illuminate your wall
To create a visual impact with your EverBlock wall consider illuminating the blocks. This can simply be done with the translucent blocks by inserting LED lighting cables through the blocks. Using a flat style 0.5” LED lighting cables, with no wide end caps or couplings, the strip can be threaded through the EverBlock cable channels simply.

Everblock is so versatile that you can leave openings for doors, windows, light, or air flow and build in shelving and other elements as needed with your wall. And the fun thing with EverBlock is that if you no longer need a wall, you can easily move it and build something else in its place.

If you want to send us your measurements for your wall, partition or room divider, we can calculate the number of blocks needs to complete your project. Alternatively using a formula will allow you to calculate the exact number of modular blocks you will need for your wall. Complete the EverBlock UK design form and email back to us.
Open spaces can be easily reconfigured, making it a versatile and fun way to divide a room or create an enclosure

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