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Digital Transformation Seminars

MISL Ltd - Document Management News and PR from MISL Ltd - Document Management - Published 21 April 2016 Together with our partners MBS, MISL is offering two free seminars on digital transformation, the benefits and how to go about it.
“Every single step that you put between the customer and the actual function is friction. And today people don’t live with friction. People see friction for what it is.”

Konstantin Peric - Bill & Melinda Gates Foundations

Customer retention is more challenging than ever as customers demand instant information and response to their continually changing needs and requirements.
Improving customer experience is a top priority for most organisations, many of which feel the pressure to migrate to fully digital processes that produce results faster by eliminating time-consuming, paper-driven ways of old. These digital processes include
e-signature solutions that digitise the end-to-end experience. Organisations can now capture, verify and secure signatures across a variety of transactions and documents.

Document Transaction Management (DTM) solutions safely and securely execute and manage a wide range of information-intensive processes involving people, documents and data to deliver faster, more accurate, more secure and more auditable transactions than manual, paper processes. And DTM enables organizations to interact with customers, prospects, partners and suppliers anytime, on any device, from virtually anywhere.

In association with MBS, MISL is providing this free seminar to help educate the market on the growing requirement for digital transformation and making transactions frictionless.
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Improving customer experience is a top priority for most organisations

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