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The new Curtis 1415

Curtis Instruments (UK) Ltd News and PR from Curtis Instruments (UK) Ltd - Published 01 March 2016 The new Curtis 1415 is a low power, isolated DC/DC converter intended to provide power to smart devices and other low power components.
Very low cost, easy installation and important safety protections provide user-friendly features to enhance your driverÂ’s working day!

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1415 DC/DC Converter just £18 each

An easy way to make your drivers happy!

The 1415 lets your drivers plug in their smart phone and other smart devices, improving their productivity and workplace. It's very small and easily connected and comes with USB stand that supports the device when in use. The IP65 rated device allows for use in all environments and also provides power to auxilliary electrical circuits on your vehicle without tapping the battery.
An easy way to make your drivers happy!

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