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ACUITY Battery Monitoring System

Curtis Instruments (UK) Ltd News and PR from Curtis Instruments (UK) Ltd - Published 15 October 2015 The most accurate, reliable and complete set of vehicle battery information available on the market.
You know very well how important battery efficiency is to the operation of your forklift truck – even more so, if you’re managing a whole fleet.

Accurate information about the usage, performance and life-cycle of your battery will help you manage productivity better, so you get the most from your trucks and operators.

The Curtis Acuity Battery Monitoring System
mounts alongside an industrial lead acid battery. It measures, records and transmits battery performance data throughout the battery’s life. Installation is simple and non-invasive, so cost is minimised as there’s no need for special hardware or engineers; no cutting of cables, or drilling into the battery and the risks this can incur. An integral real-time clock allows date and time stamping of all significant events related to the battery or any vehicle component via CAN bus.

To fully utilise the information generated by Acuity, Curtis has developed AcuSet, a PC based software tool that translates the Acuity battery data into easy to read performance information to help fleet managers monitor operating efficiency according to warranty terms.

Watch the video on our website to learn more about how Acuity can become an indispensable information source for fleet managers; truly the most advanced CAN system to capture true health of the battery and its state-of-charge intelligence.
"visit the Curtis website or YouTube page to watch the video"

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