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Elmac Technologies Expand End-Of-Line Flame Arrester Range

Elmac Technologies Ltd News and PR from Elmac Technologies Ltd - Published 16 February 2016 Elmac Technologies Expand End-Of-Line Flame Arrester Range With ESA Short-Time-Burn Models
Elmac Technologies, the international manufacturers and distributers of flame arresters and tank and vessel protection equipment, announce the expansion of their current end-of-line flame arrester range with a new short-time-burn ESA Series suitable for use with gases in explosion groups IIA1 and IIA, and for elevated operating temperatures up to 150°C.

"The ESA series of short-time-burn flame arresters represents another success for Elmac Technologies", commented Elmac's Commercial Manager Andy McGlynn. "Not only does it ensure we have a product range which meets (and often exceeds) the challenging functionality and performance levels our customers require in a unit of this type, but we have been able to utilise and enhance the technology implemented in our recent EVA, EVB and EHB series of arresters and extend it to the ESA."

The ESA is different to Elmac's other end of line flame arrester products in that it offers 'short-time-burning' protection as well as standard deflagration protection. Short time burning occurs when a flame stabilises on the surface of the flame arrester elelement after a deflagration has occurred. The extra protection afforded by a short-time-burn arresters allows time for secondary protection measures to be implemented in order to quench or extinguish the flame.

"Our product development team has managed to combine the benefits of short-time-burn, elevated operating temperature, excellent flow capacity and ease of maintenance E-Flow™ Technology, into one compact lightweight series of flame arresters", continued Andy McGlynn. "Even though I'm slightly biased, I think that's quite an achievement."

The ESA series is for use with gases in explosion groups IIA1 and IIA, can be used up to 150°C, and provides short-time-burn protection for up to 2 minutes*.

The Elmac development team used computational fluid dynamics (CFD) techniques to design and optimise an enhanced crimped ribbon flame-arresting element for the ESA series which delivers market-leading performance for high flow capacities with minimal pressure drop.

At the same time, the unique element design makes the arrester less susceptible to fouling and clogging, and reduces the overall weight of the arrester thus improving its ease of installation and maintenance.

Features & Benefits Of ESA Flame Arresters

Short time burn rated for early warning of stabilised burning event
Extended upper operating temperature limit (150°C)
Exceptional flow capacities with minimal pressure drop
Easy-clean, replaceable, crimped-ribbon elements
Unique element design is less susceptible to fouling/clogging
Size range from 15mm to 600mm nominal bore
Material options include carbon steel, stainless steel, duplex steel, and Hastelloy
End connections include flanged or threaded options
Arresters can be painted or coated as required
Bird screen fitted as standard
The ESA series is for use with gases in explosion groups IIA1 and IIA

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